2016 Kingdom Advancement Grants

Trinity Church announces with great joy the 2016 Kingdom Advancement Grants. Our Lansing-based faith community is committed to global partnerships that result in the Gospel being declared and demonstrated in fresh and new ways to those not yet in the Kingdom.   

We are confident that the following 17 grants for a total of $205,274 will stimulate the ministry of Trinity missionaries, associates, strategic partners, and attendees around our world.  

These monies were generously given by Trinity attendees through designated giving (see pew envelopes) and by setting aside a portion of our regular giving. We thank God for Trinity’s generosity and commitment to missions. 

 Please note the Opportunity for further engagement with most of the KAGs. In addition, Trinity has developed a basic family-friendly Missions 101 experience in Tijuana, Mexico, July18-23Fund-raising training as well as cross-cultural orientation will be provided for all tripsFor more information write [email protected].  

$7,500  Business As Mission Seminars  (restricted area)China 

Submitted by Trinity’s China Strategic Partnership, this grant provides funds to coach select members of the newly planted church to develop business plans as they prepare to send missionaries into a nearby restricted access area. 

OpportunityThree to four business leaders/trainers for three day seminar to help develop viable business/ministry plans in May/June 2016 with a follow-up in September.  

$13,300  Shielding Girls from Sex Slavery  NuwakotNepal 

Submitted by Trinity’s anti-trafficking group, HOPE Ministry, this grant provides goats to families that “are at risk of selling their young daughters to human traffickers”. Working with She Is Safe and Good News for Nepal, HOPE Ministry anticipates using this intervention to help “women build a life of freedom, faith and a strong future”. 

OpportunityThree to four Trinity attendees to join HOPE Ministry’s leadership for an onsite visit late summer/fall. 

$6,450 — Literacy Project  Isaan Region, NE Thailand 

Submitted by Trinity missionaries Mike and Sandy Lynch, the primary focus of this year’s grant is “the production and distribution of literacy materials in the Phu Thai language. The literacy materials will be shared with the Phu Thai people in the Isaan region and possibly neighboring countries.” 

OpportunityTwo to three attendees to encourage the Lynches in their work to reach the Phu Thai. Also planned are conversations with field leadership on ministry strategy and goals. 

$5,000  Literacy Training  Juba, South Sudan 

Submitted by Trinity attendee Anne Cody, this grant helps underwrite three training sessions in literacy education in the world’s “most fragile state”. Working with She Is Safe, Anne helps empower Transformation Groups of 12-20 women who gather to learn from the Bible, save & lend together… and gain hope and freedom” in this conflict-ridden country. 

Opportunity: Men and women with adult ESL training or literacy specialization are invited to travel to South Sudan and help in the training sessions later this summer. 

$21,600  Leadership Development and Biblical Training  Harare, Zimbabwe 

Submitted by Trinity’s Zimbabwe Strategic Partner, Maranatha Family Worship Center, this grant underwrites a majority of the second year training of 20 potential leaders as pastors who will be deployed to church plants throughout the country. 

Opportunity: Men and women with pastoral or Biblical training are invited to co-teach. 

$6,400  Women Empowerment Conferences  Harare, Zimbabwe 

Submitted by Trinity’s Zimbabwe Strategic Partner, Maranatha Family Worship Center, this grant will “help women build a stronger church, more sustainable church. The 2016 conference will train women in evangelism as well as on how to start small businesses to create wealth to support their families and the church”. 

Opportunity: Strong invitation for three to four women to co-teach and encourage. Participation of Trinity attendees, especially business women, who can help launch small scale business endeavors is a top ask. 

$10,000  Storage Facility for Maranatha Farm Project  Harare, Zimbabwe 

Submitted by Trinity’s Zimbabwe Strategic Partnership, this grant helps build a much needed storage facility on Maranatha’s 15-acre farm that generates income for the church to continue to fund “several initiatives of the church, including construction of our church building, support for pastors in dozens of churches we are planting all over Zimbabwe.” 

OpportunityFive to six people to help build the storage facility. Agricultural consultants and professional farmers to provide guidance and help with the Zimbabwe Farm project would be huge. 

$5,000  Pastoral Equip Project  Nairobi, Kenya 

Submitted through Trinity’s Missionary Associates and former MSU international scholars Ruth and Julius Okello, this grant facilitates the fourth year of the Okellos’ compelling vision to “equip and train pastors in two large rural districts, Matungulu and Kangundo,” east of Nairobi. 

Opportunity: Two to three Trinity attendees to accompany Pastor Marvin. Leadership Development, Hermeneutics and Homiletics are this year’s equipping goal. 

$6,000  Worship Training & Health Outreach  GyergyoszentmiklosRomania 

Submitted by Trinity’s newest Strategic Partner, Gyergyoszentmiklos Baptist Church, this grant responds to their stated need for training their young leaders in leading worship. Separately, the request also partially underwrites a free Medical Outreach in the town square in the summer of 2016. 

Opportunity: A four to six person team to train and encourage the young worship team there. Also, a medical team of doctors and nurses to screen Hungarians and Gypsies at the medical camp. 

$6,064  English Camp  Transylvania, Romania 

Submitted by Trinity’s newest Strategic Partner, Gyergyoszentmiklos Baptist Church, this grant partially underwrites a camp to be held, July 18-24, that “gives an entry point to non-believers in the Gyergyo basin who are not open to the Gospel, but are open to learning English from ‘native speakers’”.  

OpportunityA married couple for English lessons and tutoring to the Gyergyo team for 6 weeks. Plus six or seven young adults to conduct a week long evangelistic English Camp, July 18-24. 

$20,160  Gypsy After School Project  Gyergyoszentmiklos, Romania 

Submitted by Trinity’s newest Strategic Partner, Gyergyoszentmiklos Baptist Church, this grant continues Trinity’s partnership to address the over 90% illiteracy rate among the Roma children. “With Trinity’s help a 4-classroom school building was completed in 2015.” These monies will help fund classroom programming for 2016. 

Opportunity: Four to five educators to provide teacher encouragement, and assistance to build a viable development plan for this new school. 

$14,000  Youth Center Development  TatarszentgyorgyHungary 

Submitted by Trinity’s Strategic Partner in Budapest, Rose-Garden Baptist Church (RBC), this grant provides matching funds to help RBC upgrade the effective ministry of the Youth Center. The Youth Center is part of RBC’s response to the Mayor of Tatarszentgyorgy, “to plant a church here since the village is in deep poorness with social tension among the Gypsy and Hungarian populations.” 

Opportunity: An ESL intern or teacher to launch an ESL program for children and adults; 9-12 month commitment. 

$17,500  MOPS Program Launch  GalwayIreland 

Submitted by Trinity’s Strategic Partner in Ireland, Discovery Church, this grant provides monies to consult with Trinity’s MOPS leadership and launch a MOPS program in Galway. Part of the grant is to help build a kitchen to provide “food and friendship to the poor and marginalized in our city, especially mothers with young children.” 

Opportunity: Two, past or current, Trinity Church MOPS leaders to provide guidance, mentorship and apprenticeship for the Galway MOPS program, late spring.  

$6,000  Launching Captivating Retreats  BogotaColombia 

Submitted by Trinity Missionary Associate Loida Huertas, this grant partially supports six retreats for women in 2016.This unique inter-church partnership has helped hundreds of women experience inner healing and renewed freedom in Christ. This grant provides the breathing room for ministry development and stabilization in 2016.  

Opportunity: Two to four women to encourage Loida and her team as they launch this new ministry effort. Knowledge of Spanish would be an advantage.  

$5,000 Mazatec Scripture Use  Oaxaca, Mexico 

Submitted by Terry and Judy Schram of Wycliffe Bible Translators, and retired Trinity missionaries, this grant provides program monies to “give people the experience of God’s Word in their own language” through teaching people to read, training more Mazatec leaders, and ongoing OT translation. 

Opportunity: Two to three people to encourage the national translators. Scripture proficiency and Spanish are necessary. 

$5,300  Hat Trick Soccer Ministry  Bogota, Colombia 

Submitted by Trinity’s Strategic Partner in Bogota, Unicentro Christian Fellowship Church, this grant provides funds for soccer uniforms, transportation, and other program costs for their successful soccer outreach ministry. Trinity celebrates that all personnel costs and the majority of logistical costs are underwritten by Unicentro. 

OpportunityCrosswalk (Trinity’s High School Ministry) will be taking six students to Bogotá for their summer missions trip to help Hat Trick put on a soccer camp. Applications are available in the Student Center. 

$50,000  Urbana Initiative  St. Louis, USA 

Specially requested by Trinity’s Global Outreach Lead Discernment Community, this grant helped bring 41 young adults from eight of our Strategic Partnerships this past Christmas for Urbana 15 – a student missions conference.  

Soli Deo Gloria