2019 Kingdom Advancement Grants

Trinity Church announces with joy 12 grants for a total of $125,260 for strategic breakthrough proposals which — with God’s blessing — will help expand our global ministry footprint in partnership with our global friends. Our prayer is that together we will continue to share and demonstrate the life-giving power of the Gospel around the world, especially in lesser known, lesser reached, and more marginalized communities.  

Trinity attendees make these annual grants possible through their designated giving and faithful weekend offerings, as well as their faithful engagement throughout the year with our amazing global partners.  

To catch a better glimpse of what God is doing around the world, or to be part of this amazing adventure with our partners, write [email protected]

$7,700 — Launching ‘Captivating Retreats’  Bogota, Colombia 

Submitted by Trinity Missionary Associate Loida Huertas, this grant partially supports three retreats that help women experience freedom and joy as the event leaders create “the space for God to restore their souls, reclaim their essence, and discover their value as God’s daughters.” This unique inter-church ministry has helped hundreds of women, especially from the upper echelons of society experience inner healing and renewed freedom in Christ. This grant provides scholarships for the wives of pastors in the country (whom we know through the Langham Schools of Preaching) and non-Christians in physical or emotional crisis, 

Engagement OpportunityThis high-quality and effective ministry is worth emulating. Trinity would like to encourage two to four Trinity women to be part of the next retreats, September 27-29, November 15-17, or March 13-15, 2020 to discern if we should replicate this in Lansing, and to encourage Loida and her team of leaders. Knowledge of Spanish would be an advantage, though not necessary. 

$17,000  Launch of First Church Plant  TuamIreland 

Submitted by Trinity’s Strategic Partner in Ireland, Discovery Church, this award provides for the first year’s rent ($12,000) for space in the town’s Family Center from February 2020 to January 2021. The organizing of a ‘launch team’, identifying a campus pastor and weekly ministry visits to this town over the last one year reflect intentional planning. An additional $5,000 in matching funds is being made available to encourage intentional financial participation by the Discovery congregation.  

Engagement OpportunityThis fall, in October and November, Trinity attendees are invited to be part of two ‘Interest Nights’ in a public space to consolidate momentum for the eventual launch in February 2020.   

$13,110  Micro-Enterprise Funding and Vocational Training  Makueni, Kenya 

Submitted by Trinity’s Kenya-Compassion team this creative three-part grant allows for vocational training, job creation, nutritional improvement, and easier access to financial capital. This investment will result in economic empowerment and lift, as well as holistic Gospel witness by our three partnering churches in the area. The three initiatives are: expanding the 2015 Poultry Keeping project (Makindu), setting up a Computer Center (Kathyaka), and launching a Catering Business (Kalawa). These further secure the wellbeing of the 425 Compassion children and their families in the Makueni area. In addition to the children in Makueni, 465 Trinity attendees sponsor another 133 children (total of 558) in Kenya.  

Engagement OpportunityA trip is being planned between February and April 2020, to visit our Compassion children, and the partnering churches. The families at Trinity who sponsor children will be given priority. Some travel scholarships are available especially for those traveling on their first missions trip.  

$8,250  Water Project  Ngunyumu, Kenya 

Submitted by Trinity Missionary Associates Ruth and Julius Okello (TM Rural Community Development Organization), this grant provides the requested amount to identify a location, drill a bore hole, and install a pump. “Ngunyumu is semi-desert area and people in the area have to travel long distances to get water which sometimes is not clean.” Building on a thoughtful, multi-year plan to serve the people in this area, this project tangibly demonstrates the commitment of TM to holistic Gospel impact and transformation. 

 Engagement OpportunityThe project is scheduled to start in May 2019; there will be an opportunity to visit early this fall. Trinity is also looking for a volunteer video team to document TM’s successful influence in this area. TM’s Board of Directors is seeking one or two individuals to help expand and strengthen the U.S. Board.  

$30,000  TANODA Launch Preparation  TatarszentgyorgyHungary 

Submitted by Trinity’s Missionaries in Budapest, Ildikó & Géza Kovacs, this grant provides $25,000 to renovate the current facility by replacing the slate roof and installing solar panels. Additional funds to complete the renovation of the mission house are anticipated from the local village church, Rose Garden Church (Budapest), and the US based Serving-A-Nation. 

TANODA (a Hungarian term for Study Hall) is an experimental program by the Hungarian government to help children in disadvantaged communities, in this case Roma children. With this renovation, and further development of a curriculum in collaboration with the local school and the village leadership, the Kovacs’ effort will qualify for government funding and support.  

The TANODA effort is part of the Kovacs commitment to model holistic Gospel impact in a challenging and under-resourced area. An additional $5,000 in matching funds is being made available to encourage intentional financial participation by the Rose Garden congregation.  

Engagement OpportunityThere are opportunities year-round to partner with the Kovacs in teaching, mentoring, serving and caring for the Roma children in Tatarszentgyorgy. 

$13,750  Romani Afterschool Project  Gyergyoszentmiklos, Romania 

Submitted by Trinity’s Strategic Partner, Gyergyoszentmiklos Baptist Church, this grant continues Trinity’s partnership to address the 90% plus illiteracy rate among the Roma children. This grant provides monies to underwrite 75% of the expenses for two of the four classes in the four-classroom school building Trinity helped build in 2015.  

“There are far more pupils who would like to attend our school. It is unfortunate that instead of the planned FOUR grades, we were able to start only THREE grades… In a few years some of the students will be ready for University…”  

Engagement OpportunityTrinity invites educators and financial consultants to help design a sustainable development plan for the school. Trinity is willing to underwrite expenses for a consultation in Lansing in 2019 towards this end.   

$5,000  Camp Impact  Transylvania, Romania 

Submitted by Trinity’s Strategic Partner, Gyergyoszentmiklos Baptist Church, this grant underwrites the room and board expenses for 56 participants in the 2019 summer English camps for middle and high schoolers. These evangelistic camps lead to significant conversations and year-round relationships that strengthen the church’s witness in the area.  

 Engagement OpportunityTrinity young adults, Lansing teachers or those with camp/VBS experience will find this a life-changing opportunity and experience. Camp dates: July 8-13 and July 15-20.  

$3,450  Missions Camp  Transylvania, Romania 

Submitted by Trinity’s Strategic Partner, Gyergyoszentmiklos Baptist Church, this grant provides 50% of the scholarships for 50 young adults. This year’s theme is ‘Mission in Business & Jobs’. This missions event is co-hosted by the Baptist Church in Szaszregen, and Teleios Ministry, South Carolina.  

 Engagement OpportunityAn opportunity for 2-3 young adults to serve and observe at this missions initiative this summer, June 24-30. As is normative for any Trinity missions trip, scholarships are available. 

$22,000 — Contact Coffee & Tea House  Gyergyoszentmiklos, Romania 

Submitted by Trinity’s Strategic Partner, Gyergyoszentmiklos Baptist Church, this grant completes Trinity’s third investment in this successful outreach. “On October 21, 2017 the Contact Coffee & Tea House was opened, and today is our most powerful tool in making contacts and sharing the Gospel… Many have heard the Gospel and have come to faith! Today the coffee-house is self-supporting.”  

This grant of $17,000 will provide a significant portion of the requested funds to modify the roof of the building to create a conference hall and some additional gathering space above the coffee house. An additional $5,000 in matching funds is being made available to encourage intentional financial participation by local business leaders, who have been recently impacted by the ministry of the Coffee House.  

Engagement OpportunityMinistry in this area is rapidly expanding and needing significant prayer and leadership support. Trinity’s Romanian Strategic Partnership team welcomes volunteers to help them develop mechanisms to grow and strengthen their community in Lansing.  

$5,000  Global Classroom   

Submitted by Lansing educators and Trinity attendees Mike & Sheila Freeman, this grant request probably generated the most conversation and excitement.  

 Recognizing that finances are a major barrier to the participation of young adults in global missions today, this KAG request outlined an ambitious vision to launch a 15-day global experience, followed by a semester of discipleship/mentoring back home in Lansing.   

This grant provides seed money to continue to explore the concept, develop a curriculum, select a location, invite participation from our global partners, build a team, and run a beta test experience.  

Encouraging the next generation to be Kingdom professionals, investing their lives and vocations as healthy maturing global witnesses has our undivided attention and support. 

Engagement OpportunityIf you would be interested in helping design this experience contact us at [email protected]

Soli Deo Gloria