2019 Mission Experiences




MARCH 11-12 – $1800

Opportunity for 1-2 people to accompany GO leadership on its first site visit to the remote jungle location in Northern Philippines where the Maynards serve the Isnag people. 


FEBRUARY 10-19 – $1800

Partner with Trinity’s long term missionaries Panz and Nancy Alvarez and Philippine Campus Crusade for Christ to train national believers to start home fellowships using the culturally effective strategy of Oral Bible Story Telling. Pair up with locals to share the stories in urban poor communities. 


JULY 8-13 and/or JULY 15-20 – $1800

In partnership with young adults from Rosegarden Church, this team will facilitate an English camp. Young adults are encouraged to apply.


JULY 29- AUGUST 3 – $1000

Family friendly and highly recommended for first time missions exposure. Fly to San Diego, then travel across the border to Tijuana, Mexico with Bittersweet Ministries to build a house, prepare a lesson for weekly children’s Bible study, and distribute food to families in need.


MAY, JUNE, JULY – $1800-2000

Partner with Trinity missionaries, David & Rachael Powell, to either, 1) help rebuild/replace an existing chapel and dining room structure at the Ashaninka Bible Institute. Skills include digging, handling steel reinforcement, and mixing concrete. Or 2) replace ceilings and update electrical wiring in the Institute’s dorm rooms. Skills include drywall, ceiling framing, electrical installation and painting. Dates are flexible in May, June or July. 3-7 people needed.