2020 Kingdom Advancement Grants

These have been unusual times with the entire world on ‘pause.’ Many things that seemed critical a few months ago have lost their sense of urgency; and truly important matters like family, friendships, and commitments have a fresh vitality. While we have strived to maintain the normalcy of the KAG process, we recognize that especially in this season there is significant space and time between a proposal and its execution. We are also aware that ministry opportunities may unexpectedly arise as we all stay alert and ready to respond to the Lord’s leading. In other words, please do not hesitate to contact us if needed.  

Today Trinity Church announces 8 grants for a total of $92,500. We do so with deep gratitude for each global partner and church-to-church partnership. We are also humbled by the generosity of the Lord that allows us – even in this season – to share. 

Our prayer is that together we will continue to proclaim and demonstrate the life-giving power of the Gospel around the world, especially among the lesser reached, the marginalized, and the oppressed.  

$14,000  Leadership Development, 2020-2022  Ireland 

Submitted by Trinity’s Church-to-Church partner, Discovery Church, this award provides $7,000 for Trainer fees for an Irish consultant for 6 weekends of onsite training in 2020 for “core church leaders, and a select group of leaders responsible for the next generation”. Another $3,000 is included for a Retreat Location and Retreat Leader fees for a 2020 Leadership Retreat for their 18 core leaders. We recognize and celebrate the annual School of Advanced Leadership Training available to anyone in the congregation; the award includes eight partial scholarships of $500 for the 2020-21 cohort. 

$18,000 — Church Sound & Light Install  Romania 

Submitted by Trinity’s Church-to-Church partner, Gyergyoszentmiklos Baptist Church, this grant provides 75% of the cost for sound & light equipment at their new downtown 400-seat church building. Their vision to enhance the experience of their 25,000 virtual attendees each Sunday, and their commitment to move to this new location this spring, after a hugely successful local campaign, is celebrated. 

$18,500  Romani Afterschool Project  Romania 

Submitted by Trinity’s Church-to-Church partner, Gyergyoszentmiklos Baptist Church, this grant continues Trinity’s partnership to address the 90% plus illiteracy rate among the Roma children. The grant underwrites 75% of the expenses for two of the four classes in the four-classroom school building Trinity helped build in 2015. We look forward to a master school budget and staffing plan for the next three years, as the school continues to grow. 

 $3,000 — Summer English Camp   Romania 

Submitted by Trinity’s Church-to-Church partner, Gyergyoszentmiklos Baptist Church, this grant underwrites 25% of the sponsorship costs for middle and high school attendees. These evangelistic camps lead to significant conversations, spiritual conversions, and year-round relationships that strengthen the church’s witness to the next generation.  

$10,000  Water Project  Kenya 

Submitted by Trinity Global Partner, Ruth Okello (TM Rural Community Development Organization), this grant provides the remaining amount needed to drill a 230 meter deep bore hole, install a pump and set-up two tanks in Ngunyumu. Building on a thoughtful, multi-year plan to serve the people in this area, this project tangibly demonstrates the commitment of TM to holistic Gospel impact and transformation. 

$5,000  Captivating Retreat   Mexico 

Submitted by Trinity attendees, Samantha & Daniel Trego, this grant covers a significant portion of the costs of hosting a Captivating conference for 50 women in Canyon Carretas in Tijuana this summer. Of particular joy is the location of the event at a Community Center Trinity helped build, and the presence of Trinity Global Partner, Loida Huertas, as a key resource.  

$10,000  Story-Telling Initiative   Restricted Access Country  

Submitted by Trinity Global Partners in a restricted access country, this grant is a first. It provides $3,000 for technology required for story-telling training and equipping. The grant also offers the business started by our Global Partners there a loan of $7,000 to develop the stories needed to promote their business, and encourage local believers. 

$14,000 — Expanding Langham Preaching ‘Escuelitas’  Colombia 

Submitted by Trinity Global Partner, Luis Miguel Huertas, this two-year grant of $7,000 each year, partially supports the training of new Regional Facilitators to expand Langham’s current successful three-year pastoral training ‘schools’ to four other regions of Colombia. We are thrilled that half the grant will be used to develop 12 younger leaders (both pastors as well as lay men and women) to reproduce this model of biblical preaching for Latin America.  

 For more information, or to be part of this adventure, write [email protected]

Soli Deo Gloria