The Alvarez Story

Starting Movements of Multiplying Disciples of Jesus in Asia

What are your goals for the coming years? Are you seeing God at work to bring them to completion? Through your partnership with us YOU have a part in what God is doing here in Asia! Cru’s Vision/Mission Statement is simple: ‘Win, Build, Send.’ That is what we see happening despite the many obstacles of this pandemic. The vision is contagious!

Patricia and Jeff took a 2 week Oral Bible Story Telling class at the International Graduate School of Leadership and then taught the material to the youth of their church for several weeks. Al/Panz coached them. (below)

Here are some reactions from those who were trained to use Oral Bible Stories:

Jacob: “I feel like the NT is coming alive.” (India) 

Patricia: “I thank the Lord for the story festival because even though I don’t get to go to other nations, I see that there are believers sharing Christ in other nations, giving me a new perspective.” (Philippines)

Michel: “I didn’t know there was something this wonderful, a way I can share the gospel with people. This changes my thinking of how to share the gospel. I have in my country a group of people where i can really share this story and they will be eager to receive. . . this is one of the best trainings in my life. It is very productive, relevant, easy to share the gospel. People can really connect. I’m preparing to use these stories in my church.” (Bangladesh)

Melany, Joy and Jonnaly are members of the weekly Story Fellowship Group we started. Now they are sharing God’s Word online to friends from high school and college. (above) 

We have great anticipation for all the Lord will do in 2021! As the Lord provides, we plan to bring Bible stories to people groups in Nepal, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos and other Philippine regions.

Year-end giving is significant to our overall budget. This year, we are trusting the Lord for an additional $10,000 in year-end gifts. Would you consider giving a gift of $1000, $500, or $250?

CS is a college student who helped translate Bible stories into the local dialect (Hiligaynon). Every week he is leading a small group with family members and neighbors (above in red shirt) Pastor Moses also helped with translation of the Hiligaynon story set. Here he is teaching a group of police officers at the rehab center where he reaches out to drug addicts. (below)

Feye attended our School of Storying for Tagalog. She’s been teaching Bible stories to these boys and ow she is training them how to share the Gospel (below)

These eight leaders are just a few of those who have been trained to use Oral Bible Stories to raise up multiplying disciples of Jesus.

Join with us in praying for more workers to be won, built and sent. We are connecting with the Global Church Movement leaders of Cru to offer them Oral Bible Story training for evangelism, discipleship and church planting as well as Bible translation – putting Bible stories into the heart language of unreached peoples.

May this vision continue to be contagious.

Thank you for partnering with us in bringing God’s Word to those who learn best through an oral approach.

Until the whole world hears,

Panz and Nancy Alvarez

To invest in bringing God’s stories to unreached people, make checks payable to Cru and mail to: Cru, PO Box 628222, Orlando, FL 32862. Attach a memo with our account # 0510334 OR give online at: [email protected]