Dear Friends at Trinity,

With all our hearts and our prayers for you, we say God bless you for a wondrous time at Christmas and over the holidays!  Ok, the virus cuts our ties some physically, but we have the love that binds us together, whether near or far.  May the remembrance and celebration of Christ’s coming into the world lift our spirits.  
Trust you are all well as can be.  So far we are virus free and hope that the new vaccines will do a good number on the pesky problem.  Linda is at present going through a treatment to stop her cycles of migraines.  The headaches seem to be less in intensity now, but one of the secondary effects is a lower heart rate.  This really leaves her ultra-tired.  So do pray that the treatment will be effective and that in a month or so she will be able to stop the new medication definitively, and that the migraines will go away.  Much thanks!  
And also, our thanks for all of the support that so many of you have showered upon us over this last year, whether in prayer, in finances or varied encouragements!  We are blessed and carried by you.  
We send our love…as well as some beauty above, Linda’s manger scene in the hutch of our dining room buffet!

Tom and Linda