Dear Family and Friends,

Time is flying by in this new year already!  Some neat things happening and some prayer requests for you here below.  We trust that you are doing well and that you are encouraged in many areas of your lives, even though we all have challenges with the economy, or the health situation, or whatever.  Let’s try to keep on remembering that God’s presence and power is there for us. As we remember Him, we are strengthened.  

A thanks report:  Linda got her second Corona virus shot this last Friday.  Due to her Parkinson’s condition she was put on a high priority list to get the vaccination.  She has had only slight reactions to the shot, just a few joint pains and tiredness.  However, she does haves a blotching reaction on her arm, just like with the seasonal flu shots of past years. Linda has always had very sensitive skin. Just ask her about her poison ivy experiences as a kid! With this vaccination though, she will be more at ease now for visits/visiting.  Me…well, I’m too young and in too good of health they have said, so I’ll have to wait.  It’s great being “young” at 65!

Also, Linda stopped taking her anti-migraine medication as it was not only ineffective, but she was actually having MORE migraines with it!  Lo and behold, it’s been 1 month she stopped taking it, and NO migraines since!!!  Go figure. We are thankful to God for this.  

Of course we are advised to not meet with people in person so much right now, BUT recently a YWAM colleague asked to interview Linda for a local Christian television station, which broadcasts all over the French-speaking world!  The interview is for this coming Thursday so please pray that Linda will have the strength and clear thoughts necessary for this. Her themes will be her missionary calling and confronting affliction. (See Romans 5:3-5) Then a local pastor, whom Tom married off about 8 years ago, wants to interview us and make videos using a question and answer format in the near future.  May we share what God has on His heart for this congregation of mainly young people.

Tom has been asked to preach about once a month for the Chinese Church of Lausanne.  He is currently doing a series on “the foundations of a solid society”, using Biblical principles that God has set forth.  The first two sermons went very well, and a third is yet to come.  Truth, Hate, and Love are the three themes.  Hmmm…”hate” you say?  Yes…we need to know what to hate, not who.  Read Proverbs 6:15-19.  

Our various marital counseling and discipling times continue and we are seeing some encouraging growth and change. These are people both outside of and inside YWAM who want to be better ambassadors for Christ.  Linda’s energy is mainly centered in the mornings, so we make sure to meet with others as often as possible before noon, usually by video-conferencing.

How are you doing during these troubled times?  Rocky road for many of us.  Tom has had some greater struggles with his seasonal depression this year.  Less light in winter (but he uses his solar lamps!), the political scene in the USA really hit him hard, sort of like a 9/11 thing, and several other things that cropped up.  So often it is the accumulation of things that wear us down.  May God grant us all the reflex to turn to Him; He who is able to do things greater than what we can ask or imagine.  

Psalm 27:13 is Tom’s favorite verse in the Bible.  “I would have despaired if I had not believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”  There is a song that says, “Heaven is a wonderful place, full of beauty and grace…”, but hey, we need help here on earth, NOW!  And our faith in God buoys our spirits.  May we have that kind of faith in Him.

Thanks ever so much for your prayers!  

all our love,

Tom and Linda