This short update is to share praises and prayer requests.


-David and I have made it through our COVID-19 infections.  We had received our first COVID vaccinations a few days prior to being exposed to the virus.  This did not allow time to build up sufficient immunity to not get COVID, but did help us have light cases of it.  David was able to get his second vaccine on time; I was still in quarantine, so I will need to reschedule mine.  Please join us in praying for two family members who have not had light cases.

-David is making good progress toward getting his medications adjusted so his heart can function as optimally as possible.


-We have scheduled meetings with our mission leaders at SAM’s Home Office in Fort Mill, SC on April 21 & 22 to determine what our future ministry will look like. Please pray as we talk about how to continue in ministry to Peru and to do so in a way that meets our need for adequate healthcare for David.  We will share pertinent information in this regard when we are able.

-Our hearts break daily as we hear news from Peru about the COVID situation, many friends and loved ones suffering and some passing away, and many struggling to meet their economic needs during this pandemic.

-The political situation in Peru continues to be uncertain.  Pray, please, about the election run-off in June, as many really do not know how to vote, given the two candidates for the presidency.

Thank you, Friends, for joining us in presenting these praises and prayers before the Father’s throne. 

In His hands,

Rachael & David