April Update from the Lynches

Greetings from Florida!
The past year has been a super blessing from the Lord as we’ve never been stateside this long since we left for Thailand about 17 years ago. It’s been a great time to be refreshed and to have the opportunity to be with Kristen & Christopher multiple times. It also has been really nice to visit many of you over a much broader range of time than we are used to. Currently we are tentatively planning on returning to Thailand in August. There are a lot of things that will need to happen quickly prior to us leaving so your prayers would be greatly appreciated. We still plan on making a trip around to see those of you who we haven’t seen yet…so let us know if you are up for a visit…and we’ll do our best to stop on by ☺.
For this update we have included some recent pictures as well as several pictures of some of our dear friends that we are looking forward to seeing when we return to Thailand this year. Please be praying for them as well as for us.

1) Visited the Ark in Kentucky.
2) Kristen & Christopher joined us to watch the Bucs win the Superbowl.
3) Easter Sunday. He has risen indeed!
4) Sharing with a children’s Sunday school class.
5) Attended the Florida Strawberry Festival. First time since forever ago.
6) Sharing with a group during the height of Covid.
7) Mike relaxing at a natural hot spring during a hike in California.
8) A beautiful waterfall at the Smokies.
9) Celebrating Christopher’s birthday in style.
10) View of an amazing garden in Georgia.

Thank You!
Thanks so much for your gifts and prayers. We praise the Lord that our support has been relatively stable since we have returned to the states. As we get closer to returning to Thailand, we are trusting that the Lord will raise up sufficient funds for our airline tickets as well as expenses associated with a mandatory quarantine in Thailand.

Changes regarding donations
On a side note, our field leadership has recently decided to make some security related adjustments regarding those of us serving in Thailand/Southeast Asia Mainland. As a result, we are no longer listed by name on the Ethnos360.org website. Giving online will now require you to use our account number: 200470. So to give to us online, visit the missionaries page at https://ethnos360.org/missionaries and search for 200470, or you can reach our page directly at https://ethnos360.org/missionaries/200470. If you’d like to give using another method, such as by check or over the phone, please visit https://ethnos360.org/give and scroll to the bottom for instructions regarding “Other Ways to Give.” We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience.

Prayer Requests
• Praise the Lord for providing a wonderful place for us to stay in St. Petersburg, FL. It’s been way better than we could have every imagined.
• Please be praying for wisdom and discernment for us as we set aside some time to pray, brainstorm and plan regarding our return to Thailand and our ministry among the Phu Thai. One possible option would be to create small booklets con-taining various bible stories in the Phu Thai language. A company that has pro-duced a comic-like bible has graciously given our organization permission to adapt them into the many different minority languages. This seems like a great way to help break through the “reading is not fun” barrier.
• Please also pray for wisdom for us and God’s favor as we get closer to returning to Thailand in August. We will need to sell our car quickly, process all sorts of paperwork and the associated red-tape, and a number of other things in a rela-tively short amount of time.
• Pray for us that God will give us many opportunities to speak about Christ. Pray that we will proclaim this message as clearly as we should. (Col. 4:3-4)
• Please be praying that the Lord would guide Phu Thai people to listen to the audio bible lessons that we have posted to YouTube and Facebook and that they would respond to these truths.
• Please pray for our nearest and dearest friends that are pictured above. It would be awesome to see them trust Christ as their Savior!
• Please be praying for safe travels and good health as we journey to different places over the next few months.