Becoming a Global Partner – First Steps

Preliminary Indicators 

* Clear evidence of ongoing spiritual formation, cross-cultural evangelism, and deepening discipleship 

* Evidence of transformational engagements in a small group, church, and local community 

* Evidence of life decisions and critical choices to align with missional calling and goals 

* Doctrinal and philosophical alignment with the Lausanne Covenant 

* Ministry goal in line with Trinity’s missions priorities: 

o   Strengthening the church among less reached people groups 

o   Church planting among unreached people groups 

o   Strategic intervention on behalf of the poor and marginalized 

 * Potential spot on a healthy team with a clear and compelling vision (Kingdom Professional network or mission agency)  

Sufficient grasp of the strengths and needs of the national church and potential fit and role 

* High cross-cultural quotient, including demonstrated prowess in learning a second language 

* Growing relationships at Trinity.  


Complete Application and Discuss with GO Director for Engagement 

Identify and Build an Advocacy Team of 3-5 Trinity attendees who will gather once a month to pray 

* Go through a D2 Process (Discern & Develop) to confirm readiness with a group appointed by Thrive  

* Formal Application Submission & Review.  


* Language learning, culture learning (2 years) 

* Mutual discernment and confirmation of missional focus with national church, or KP network 

On-field leader conversation for strategic missional clarity, team role, and national church partnership/engagement. 

Affirmation of Engagement 

* Development of ministry/Kingdom influence plan 

* Decision on category: supported missionary or Kingdom Professional 

* Formal launch by Advocacy Team and Church Leadership 

* Evaluation every 2 years.