The Alvarez Story
Bringing God’s Stories to Asia
Virtual StoryTelling Training Available for You!
Are you interested in using oral Bible stories to communicate the story of Jesus to others? In this virtual training you will experience a daily story group, where you hear a story, learn a story, and discuss a story in a small group setting. This will be a devotional experience and a training experience that will equip you to lead your own story group.
Cost is $35 per person. Space is limited. There are morning, evening and weekend opportunities. Register at:
“O Lord, you have made our nation great. You have extended our borders, and we give you the glory!” Isaiah 26:15
Virtual Mission Trips
Have you gone on any virtual mission trips lately? Since pretty much everyone is online we have borderless possibilities for sharing God’s love and truth.
In order to be faithful to His call, we’ve taken several virtual mission trips.
1.      Shared about Bible Storying as a ministry strategy to leaders in Indonesia (
2.      Assisted with a two-week class to graduate students from 7 countries
3.      Pre-recorded Bible stories for women inmates and abuse survivors
4.      Group chats with women released from jail telling them Bible stories
5.      English conversation class with people in Turkey 6.      Mentoring those in need of encouragement from New Zealand, Singapore, UAE etc
7.      Preached a sermon through Facebook live streaming
8.      Lead a writer’s workshop to inspire and empower Filipinos to write.
We need your help in prayer for these efforts to be fruitful. Could you take a moment right now to lift up these individuals to God that their lives will be transformed by His Word? Could you also pray that we will continue to be sensitive and obedient to the Spirit’s leading? 
Coaching Story Translation
Here are some encouraging comments from the youth who Panz coached to translate Bible stories into Ilonggo, the local dialect:
“I learned that there are some people who are unable to hear the word of God due to language barriers so those who can understand will translate the word for them so that they will be able to be touched and blessed by the word.” (Arya)
“I have learned a lot especially in sharing the gospel without hesitation, although I am a shy person. I need to practice more and this workshop boosted my confidence. I forwarded our story recording in my school’s group chat.” (Via)
“I learned a lot from this workshop. Even if you are a sinner, God still loves you. Like Paul, even if he chased followers of Jesus, still God used him. Another lesson I have learned is that faith is greater than your fears. Like Stephen, even to the point of being stoned to death, still He had faith in God. It’s indeed true even you are a sinful person God can use you.” (Lyka)
“I shared a story to my cousins and relatives. We started meeting twice a week for bible study. The seed in their hearts are triggered to thirst for the living water through the word of God. From that time of sharing the story, we are now at week 7 or 8 of our bible study despite the pandemic.” (CS)
Please pray these young people will be faithful to share God’s stories wherever they go.
We praise God for all those who give to make this possible. Thank you for your part!
Al/Panz and Nancy Alvarez
To invest in bringing God’s stories to unreached people, make checks payable to Cru and mail to: Cru, PO Box 628222, Orlando, FL 32862. Attach a memo with our account # 0510334 OR give online at: