Dear Friends,

Newborns are sweet, but when the newborn is your granddaughter, she is ever so much sweeter!  Abigail Joy Wyse was born on August 12, joining the outside world in time to share a birthday month with her Grandpop.  This is the first of his granddaughters that David has seen at this age, and he is loving cuddling Abigail.  It has also been wonderful to watch Karen and Josh as new parents.  They are doing a great job, in spite of now understanding more intimately the concept of sleep deprivation.  What a joy to be in NC with this little family of three these past weeks!

Before arriving in NC we made a stop in VA to see Ben and his family.  What a treat to spend time with our granddaughters, Georgie and Ela, just enjoying their different personalities!  We wear big smiles the days that we can be with them.  We have made trips to SC, GA, and other parts of NC during our stay in this area.  It has been downright good to be with family, including my siblings.

We look forward to having our entire family together (including Nate, whom we have not yet seen) over Christmas, enjoying each other as we celebrate Jesus, who has made possible our place in the family of God!


We finally were able to visit our SAM headquarters and have appointments with various of our home office staff.  One thing we discussed was our support level for our return to Peru, hopefully early next year.  We would like to share the support numbers with you.

New monthly support level: $6,044

Average support giving:        5,759

Need to raise/month:           $  285

Please pray with us that, in spite of these unusual times, God would provide the support amount we need to raise.


David’s heart is doing quite well, although we still have a couple of matters to address when we return to Michigan next week.  David will continue cardiac rehab in addition to whatever it takes to resolve the heart matters that still need attention.

At David’s orthopedic consultation, we learned that surgery on his arm would not guarantee a result better than what he currently has.  So, he will be undergoing physical therapy to maximize the range of motion and strength in his right arm.  Pray that this will indeed bring about desired results.

I have a couple more weeks of physical therapy on my shoulders to complete upon our return to Michigan. I trust this will provide the final bit so my left shoulder is totally pain free.


We need wisdom as we decide how to connect with our supporting churches, whether by Zoom or in person.  Please pray with us that we will be wise in this regard.

We also need wisdom about determining when it will be smart to return to Peru. The official word is that Peru’s borders will open October 1. However, Peru is still hard hit by the virus, so we will need to carefully evaluate the situation in regard to our return date.

Thank you so much for continuing to partner with us in ministry, and all that is happening along the way in this journey of faith.


Rachael and David