Hello, Friends!

We hope you are rejoicing anew because of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for each of us and his power over death at his resurrection, the very power that is at work in those of us who believe.  This Palm Sunday I am reminded of the donkey who carried Jesus into Jerusalem.  Similar to that animal’s humility and obedience, may I only ever highlight Christ, the only one who deserves all the praise of the universe. 

We had a wonderful field conference with all our SAM/TEAM group, after not having been all together for 3 years.  We had special times of prayer, listened to Bible exposition from some of our own, were blessed being led in morning devotions by three of our national brothers, and were pleased to celebrate the retirement of one of our couples who, between them, count 98 years of ministry.  On the fun side, in our game times we managed to mime the story of the Good Samaritan to 6 different genres of music, each group wearing one prop distinct to their genre.  Our group wore sunglasses, another group wore neckerchiefs, one group wore tutus . . . you get the idea.

David and I have been in Mazamari for a week and a half now, getting ready for the sale of our belongings which is tomorrow.  Please pray for the success of our sale–that we can sell everything that has not yet sold.  Praise with us that much of our furniture, some of Dave’s bigger tools, and much of Dave’s wood has already sold. Also, my piano sold last night! 

Pray, please, that the man who’s coming from Pucallpa tomorrow to look at the Jeep will arrive safely, will decide positively to purchase the Cherokee.  Also pray that we’ll have no trouble accomplishing the paperwork to transfer title, etc. (not always an easy task here for any number of as-yet-unknown reasons!).

Peru is experiencing major unrest these days. The people waited for congress to do something about our president, but since congress hasn’t acted definitively, the people are protesting. We are safe. Pray for some resolution to our country’s difficulties.  Pray for those traveling by road because that is where one can run into problems. Thank you so much! 

We’ll be back in the US on April 21.

Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed!

Rachael & David Powell