From Joshua & Kara

We’ve made it to the home stretch of 2020!  And, since you’re reading this, so did you! It’s been a year we’re in no hurry to repeat. But in the midst of the craziness, we’ve seen God at work in our family, in our community, and through you.

Highlights of 2020.

2020 has a bad reputation, but it was not without its highlights. We asked each Dunckel family member for their highlight of 2020 and here is what we came up with.


“This year I was able to get back into a couple good habits I’ve been missing.  I’m on track to meet my reading goal for the year, and I’ve walked more miles than I have since we left Bucharest.”


“Hmmmm. It’s so hard to choose!  There are so many! Just kidding.
2020 was a tough year for everyone, but my highlight was seeing the resilience of my family and community. God’s goodness was there to see when we were able to loosen our grasp on our ideal and look for Him in the unexpected.”


“Misty!” {The neighborhood cat who has decided to spend his days at our house.  He’s all the fun of having a cat, and none of the work.  Truly a gift of God.}


“Reading G. I. Joe comics” {If you’ve read them, this doesn’t need any explanation.}


“There were a ton of birthdays.” {Bonus of being part of a big family: it’s always someone’s birthday!}


I don’t even know when that is! {What IS time, even, when you’re 4 years old?}

A New Role.

As we looked back at the end of last year we realized that we hadn’t changed countries, houses, jobs, or schools for a whole year.  It was so normal it felt weird.  Well, this year we’re back to mixing it up just a bit with a new role for Joshua. The Strategic Partnering Team leader is moving on to a new role based in the U. S. and has asked Joshua to become the new team leader.  

This role will bring new responsibilities and opportunities to engage in ministry partnerships as Joshua continues working to provide clarity, coaching, and connections for European ministry leaders. Please pray for wisdom and discernment as Joshua becomes a team leader in January.

Merry Christmas!

We pray you will experience the joy of Jesus’ birth in a new and fresh way this year.  We’re reading some Advent books with our children to prepare our hearts and minds as well as enjoying a slower, quieter December than usual.

Looking Ahead

Please pray for wisdom for us as we make plans for the coming year.  We are looking forward to the day when we can make travel plans to connect face-to-face with ministry partners here in Europe as well as for a home assignment when we can see as many of you as possible.  

Upcoming Events

Spring 2021

Possible Home Assignment???

February 2021

Refugee Highway Partnership online conference

March 2021

Vision 5:9 online conference


Being thankful for your love and support

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