Angel Amy?

It was January 25, 2021, a frightening day for David and me.  We were getting out of the car in the parking lot at the hospital when David collapsed against the door.  I caught him before he fell.  But I was unable to move him and he was too heavy for me to hold up for very long.  Praying out loud, I looked around a full parking lot devoid of humans. Wondering if it would do any good, I cried “Help!  Please, someone help us!”  What seemed like an eternity later, a slightly-built lady appeared next to a red SUV, as if she were going to get into it.  She saw us and called, “Do you need help?”  I said yes, and she came to help me seat David back in the car and then ran to get a wheelchair.  I saw that her name tag said “Amy”. 

Shortly, Amy came back with a wheelchair and between us we were able to get David into the building.  I asked Amy if she worked there and she said yes. After making sure we were in good hands, she said goodbye, I thanked her very much, and she went on her way.

It was later, while nurses and doctors were attending to David in the Emergency Room, that the rest of what I had seen in the parking lot registered with me.  While Amy was inside getting a wheelchair, another lady approached the red SUV where I had first seen Amy, got in, and turned on the vehicle. Wait!  Wasn’t that Amy’s car?

Or, was Amy an angel sent by our loving Heavenly Father to care for us?  Angels can wear name tags, right?  When she said she worked there, was she saying that she worked in whatever place God sent her to do his bidding?

We will likely never know if Amy is a flesh-and-blood person or if she was a ministering servant, sent to help us in our time of need.  Whether she was human or simply spirit, Angel Amy was the hands and feet of Christ to us that morning.


Rachael, for David, too