L’Arcada is an evangelistic ministry of GEM since 1991 in northern Spain. Email: campl’[email protected]

The number of projects that have been completed so far this year or will be finished before camps begin June 19 is impressive.
The Indian teepees, L’Arcada’s signature feature, have been replaced by news ones. Cement has been laid around the large meeting tent, providing a walkway and additional protection against heavy rainfalls. And the bath house will be repaired and upgraded before June 19. But the most impressive project that will be completed before camps begin is the large swimming pool. Last week the concrete foundation was laid. This pool is a key element of the camp’s Fire Protection System and will provide water for the Fire Department should a fire occur. And, the Kamikaze Run, located right next to the pool, is being repaired. The green strip in the upper left-hand corner of the photo above is a wet plastic runway on which campers slide down the hill at breakneck speed and splash into the small pool in the photo below that fits no more than a handful of campers.

The Spanish government has raised from 60 to 102 the number of campers it will allow us to have on the property at the same time. This is a great victory. However, we are going to need more volunteers. The European Union has just opened its border to tourists. As a result, North Americans can serve as volunteers. Please pray for this need. We are deeply grateful to the Lord for all He has enabled us to accomplish so far this year, to you for your faithful prayers, and to all those who gave so generously to make possible all of these necessary improvements.

Jim Fasold
Board member