Global Partners

Missions has been part of the DNA of Trinity’s 50+ year history. We celebrate the work of our 40 global partners serving in 16 countries around the world. We also maintain cordial relationships with an additional 30, who have either retired or returned States-side to other assignments. We refer to this group as Trinity’s Legacy Team.

Overseas Global Partners

Luis Miguel & Loida Huertas

Location: Colombia

Ministry Focus: Training leaders

News From the Huertas Family – March 2021

“In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by His Son…”HEBREWS 1:1.2a Dear friends and partners in ministry,We are grateful for the advancement of the ministry in the...

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Panz & Nancy Alvarez

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Location: Iloilo City, Philippines with Story Runners (Cru)

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Ministry Focus:  Our vision is to bring oral Bible stories to unreached oral peoples — oral cultures learn best through listening and interacting rather than reading or a lecture. 80% of the world is made up of oral cultures. We use a set of 43 Bible stories — starting with Creation and ending with Revelation — that communicates God’s story of redemption. We train local believers to translate the Bible stories into their heart language by simplifying the stories and making them easy to understand and pass on. After the stories go through a rigorous testing procedure they are recorded and can then be used for evangelism, discipleship, small group, leadership development, and church planting.

Story Runner’s vision for 2025 is to translate the 43 Bible stories, that have been translated into other languages, into Tagalong, which is the heart language of the Philippines.

Trinity Advocacy Leaders: Angela Mills

Sofa Surfing Around the World!

“For you have been my partners in spreading the Good News about Christ from the time you first heard it until now.” Philippians 1:5 As a child, did you want to take a magic carpet ride? Where did you want to go? We love watching travel shows and seeing places around...

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David & Vanessa Maynard

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Location: Northern Luzon, Philippines with Ethnos360

Ministry Focus:  With combined efforts of team members, finish translating at least New Testament, train church leaders to self sufficiency and multiplication capability, and complete native language literacy training to all village residents that will participate.

Church planting among the people of Northern Luzon. Discipling young men, women, and young families. Translating the New Testament into their language.

Trinity Advocacy Leaders:  Bruce  & Lisa Maynard, Jim & Kathy Cooley

New Year, New Ministry?

63 days ago…We were sitting in our village home, finishing up homeschooling and getting a lesson prepared for the upcoming Sunday service, when all of a sudden we were yanked out of our reality and placed in an uncertain situation. Confused, anxious, and at a stand...

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Location: Europe

Ministry Focus:  Building relationships with Comorian women with partnership through the French church to reach the islanders for Christ.

Trinity Advocacy Leaders:  Ron & Gerry Lasley, Tom & Carol Frazier

David & Rachael Powell

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Location: Mazamari, Peru with South America Mission

Ministry Focus: Bible Translation

March 2021 Prayer Update

Hello, Friends! Step by step, the Lord is taking care of our concerns and bringing us clarity about our future.  Last night when sleep eluded me, I heard a Portuguese song from my childhood in Brazil running through my head: "Passo a passo."  Some of you may remember...

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Geza & Ildiko Kovacs

Location: Budapest, Hungary with Serving a Nation

Ministry Focus:  Serve locally as pastor couple, nationally as mentors of church planters, leaders of women, as motivators, project leaders in the Baptist Union and the Evangelical Alliance, internationally as partners of missions.

Trinity Advocacy Leaders:  Mary Leone & Serving a Nation (SaN)

Tom & Linda Panci

Video Greeting

Location: Chavornay, Switzerland with Youth With A Mission

Ministry Focus:  Discipleship, teaching, and evangelism in French-speaking Europe.

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An Update From Tom and Linda

Dear Family and Friends, Time is flying by in this new year already!  Some neat things happening and some prayer requests for you here below.  We trust that you are doing well and that you are encouraged in many areas of your lives, even though we all have...

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Mike & Sandy Lynch

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Location: Gudprau, Thailand with Ethnos360

Ministry Focus:  To establish new testament churches among the unreached people group of the Phu Thai living in Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam and then as they become mature believers to see them reaching out to their neighbors with the Word of God

During the month of January

During the Month of January Mike and Sandy Lynch... Gave out a small gift along with 2 books to the elderly and handicapped in the village. Later this month we will be giving out school supplies as well as the books to the village elementary students as well. One book...

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Location: Africa

Ministry Focus: Church planting that results in autonomous, indigenous, rapidly replicating churches being planted. Working towards creating some health related educational curriculum.

Trinity Advocacy Leaders:  Jim & Kim Lynch, John & Inge Diehl


Location: Asia

Ministry Focus: Church planting among some of the least reached peoples in the world.

Trinity Advocacy Leaders: Mike Weller, Robbi Imhoff


Location: Europe

Ministry Focus: Trusting God to raise up spiritual movements of evangelism and discipleship, in partnership with local churches among Muslim university students of Central Asia.


Ruth Okello

Location:  Tala Kenya with TM Ministries

Ministry Focus: Community Development

Trinity Advocacy Leaders: Ruth Okello, Karen Jones, Alyjah Byrd-Goode, Donna Linsley, Mark Cody, Mary Ann Standford

KAG Update: Kambusu Vocational Training Institute

Empowerment of School Youth Dropouts with Technical Job Skills & Training in the Gospel in Matungulu and Mwala Sub-Counties The Empowerment of School Youth Dropouts program is officially registered as “Kambusu Vocational Training Institute”. The Vocational...

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Kingdom Professionals

These vocational professionals are employed in the global economy, linked with local believers, and maintain God-honoring missional relationships at their places of work and life.

Lisa Waite

Location: Oman

Ministry Focus: Teaching English as a Second Language to Omanis students.

Jonathan & Wendy Evans

Location: Taiwan

Ministry Focus: Translation of indigenous people languages

Missions Resource Teams

Gordy & Patty Decker

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Location: Colorado Springs, CO with International Students, Inc.

Ministry Focus: ISI (International Students, Inc.) exists to reach international students with the love and message of Jesus Christ, lead them to a personal relationship with Christ, and equip them to be disciple-makers in their worlds. They represent a powerful force for Kingdom initiatives from virtually every nation of the globe. International student ministry affords the church some of the best-leveraged investment for global missions today. God has brought them to us. They know our language. They want our friendship. They hunger spiritually. They are the world’s future leaders.

Gordy (with Patty’s exceptional support) has been on staff with ISI since 1998. He currently serves as ISI’s National Training Director. Gordy and Patty live in Colorado and have four outstanding adult children, an amazing son-in-law, and one adorable grandchild!

New Game – New Rules for International Students!

The "game" is changing for international students, just as it is for all of us. But God is still powerfully at work! Here are a few challenges, praises and prayer points for your encouragement and intercession. CHALLENGES (adapted from Bridges International survey):...

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Jim & Carolyn Fasold

Video Greeting

Location: Spain with Greater Europe Mission

Ministry Focus: Ministering to Pastors and Christian workers through conferences, primarily on how to interpret correctly the Bible (interpretation of Scripture)

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Three Significant Victories

L’Arcada is an evangelistic ministry of GEM since 1991 in northern Spain. Email: campl’[email protected] Two days ago, I saw a short video of the camp’s new swimming pool being filled with water. It brought tears to my eyes because the Lord had done so much in such...

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Henri & Ruth Aoun

Location:  Paris, France with Cru

Ministry Focus:  Reaching people of North Africa and the Middle East with the message of love and forgiveness in Jesus Christ, discipling and training nationals to do the work of evangelism and discipleship. 

Charlie & Kris Davis 

Location: Wheaton, IL with SliderSwitches Consultancy

Ministry Focus: Charlie and Kris got married at Trinity in 1971, Kris having recently graduated from MSU and Charlie from U of M. During their last year of college, Jesus turned their lives around through the Jesus Movement. After further preparation at Trinity Seminary, they headed to Venezuela for the next twenty years, involved in urban church planting. During that time the Lord gave them three children, Bethany, Brennan and Evan. Later, Charlie joined the leadership of their mission agency, TEAM, and worked out of their Wheaton office for another 15 years while Kris worked as mother, wife, designer, artist, and teaching assistant. During his last two years before retirement, Charlie authored a book, Making Disciples Across Cultures, published by InterVarsity. Since retirement he has continued making disciples, as well as refining some of the principles in the book.

US Global Partners

Gordon & Pat Bennett

Location: Sanford, FL with Ethnos 360

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Ministry Focus:  Teaching and training college age students in the word of God in preparation for evangelizing and church planting amongst unreached people groups around the world.

Gordon & Pat Bennett Prayer Letter

Dear Friends, SUMMER HAPPENINGS… I know it has been awhile since our last newsletter. Much has been happening with us since this campus in Jackson has closed. We are now working on getting ready to move to our new ministry down in Sanford, FL. We are not yet sure...

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Josh & Carissa Bell

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Location: West Africa with Ethnos360

Ministry Focus:  Church Planting

Trinity Advocacy Leaders:  Ardene Martin, Marcia Holmes

Big News From The Bells!

One Year AnniversaryWe recently hit the one year mark here in Senegal and it's caused us to reflect on all that God has done so far. He's provided friends, progress in French, a dear church family, and a love for the place we now call home.You all have been a huge...

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Josh & Kara Dunckel

Location: Budapest, Hungary with ReachGlobal

Ministry Focus: Church Planting

Trinity Advocacy Leaders:  Tim Buck, Sharon Sommerville

Dunckel Prayer Update

From Joshua & Kara We've made it to the home stretch of 2020!  And, since you're reading this, so did you! It's been a year we're in no hurry to repeat. But in the midst of the craziness, we've seen God at work in our family, in our community, and through...

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