GO Priorities for 2020

To make 2020 a Year of Growth for Trinity’s transformative work globally, and in Lansing, here are THREE macro priorities:  

1. Combine the 17 GO Teams into 4 Clusters. 

We will group the 17 GO teams into 4 clusters for increased synergy, deeper community in the clusters, and shared leadership. 

a. We will build around the missionary care team,Thrive — led by Kim & Jim Lynch; we will include leaders of the Sunday Global Christian Forumleaders of the to-be-launched Prayer Initiative, and the facilitator of the to-be-launched Advocacy Leaders Team. 

 b. We will createa new team of Strategic Partnership Leaders to increase our relational quotient (and effectiveness) among our 7 church-to-church partnerships. Over time we envision a coordinating group of 3-5 leaders to facilitate periodic gatherings and common direction 

 c.The newly constituted GO Executive Team, led by Deanne will lead the day to day functions of Global Outreach. The leaders of six teams will be part of the GO Exec: Barb Borchgrevink of the GO Finance Team, Dan Trego of the Training Team, Marcia Holmes of the Communication Team, Marcia Holmes of the Events (Trips and Retreats included) team, Heather Spedoske of the GO Core Community group, and Glenda Rader and Mike Weller of the KAG team. 

 d. The GO Lead Discernment Communitywill work with GO>Connect (Trinity’s ministry to International Students and Scholars at MSU)HOPE Ministry (Trinity’s ministry to end human-trafficking), and will work toward discovering how best Trinity engage with the global refugee situation. 

2. Re-Energizing Six Initiatives. 

For a variety of reasons the initiatives below stalled out in 2019. Wfeel compelled to take the risk of courageously moving forward without knowing exactly how the initiative will play out. 

a. Transitioning Go>Connect LeadershipNext month we will launch the search for a part-time Director for the ministry, as Karen Getz prepares for transition as the current Director to Leadership Team member. Once we have the person in place we will reinitiate the postponed launch of the Go>Connect/MSU Advisory Board.

b. We will soft-launch the GO webpages on the wearetrinity.com website. We will create a GO Web team to share events, stories and information. This central repository will help serve Trinity’s efforts to engage our congregation as well as our global partners. 

c. We plan to restart the discovery mechanisms to explore partnership opportunities with both global and national entities serving displaced peoples.The invitation to engage the refugee crisis around the world (and in our backyard) has been an increasingly clear call, especially over the last two years. 

d. To keep our cultural, missional, leadership, and discipleship edges sharp we plan to launch an occasional Speaker Series (monthly Saturday brunch?) to stimulate redemptive conversations and new missional initiatives among our congregants. Conversations on where best to house this function will happen as we gauge response to the initial few events. 

e. We will invest resources to discover how best to engage the peoples of India, on the subcontinent and in the diaspora. We can no longer ignore this remaining major frontier of global missions. 

f. We will make it a priority to facilitate the leadership of HOPE Ministry from Jim & Patricia Harvey to a new leadership team. 

3. Refreshing the Why We Work Together. 

Motives are important. Simply stated, we are better together. Together we can do more meaningful ministry, experience deeper transformation, and enjoy more authentic community. Together, as a united yet diverse community, we bear better witness to the power of the Gospel. 

We know that there are people sitting in our congregations and on our staff teams that can serve very practically with global mission initiatives.   

  • Trained counselors and people with spiritual gifts can help more effectively care for missionaries than we can on our own.   
  • People with a passion for certain areas of the world could serve on a team helping guide global partnerships. 
  • Leaders could take out short-term teams and nurture global relationships. 
  • Business people could be available to coach missionaries launching business as mission overseas. 
  • Those who love research could help us review materials for better planning. 
  • Project managers could help our global partners as they launch and implement KAG projects. 

There is a place for you! 

 Studies have shown that roughly 20% of any group will be self-starters and will get involved in areas of interest. BUT the key is the 60% that are waiting to be asked, waiting for an opportunity to be presented, waiting for someone to reach out a hand and say, “come join in!”1 

 Would you extend an invitation to your friends, small group members, yes, even family members, to consider being part of Trinity’s large network of global friendships? There is space and a warm welcome for them (and you!) around the Global Outreach table!