Dear Friends,


I know it has been awhile since our last newsletter. Much has been happening with us since this campus in Jackson has closed. We are now working on getting ready to move to our new ministry down in Sanford, FL. We are not yet sure about the exact date of our move. It will be sometime in October. We had originally anticipated the move in September, but due to COVID issues and the difficulty in finishing up doctor appointments we must delay the date of our move. This is no big deal, we have learned over the months, as I am sure everyone else has, that adjustments are required in life.

We hired a couple of former students to sell some of our stuff on Facebook Marketplace. They are also utilizing community sponsored yard sales. So far stuff is selling. We can’t believe how much stuff we have collected over the past 33 years of living in Jackson. The same couple will make sure our place will be cleaned up and inspected once we move out. We thank God for these former students and their willingness to do this job. It is making this move a whole lot easier.


We have finally finished up working on a new ministry profile for our move to Sanford. I will be involved in three different, but related ministries. I will be doing adjunct teaching at our campus in Waukesha, WI as needed. I look forward to teaching God’s word to young college age students who are really hungry to grow spiritually. Another area will be working with a team on our online Bible program. I will be involved in the development of a mentor and discipleship program. This will be in some respects similar to what I did in Jackson as the Dean of Students. Only difference it will be online and maybe person to person at appointed times. Also, I along with others, will be researching and writing papers related to doctrinal issues on behalf of the Ethnos360 Executive Leadership Team.


1. Moving/Packing—we need wisdom for knowing what to sell and what to keep. We are in communication with those preparing our new home down in Florida. It will be smaller than our current dwelling, but that is not a bad thing. It is a rental property owned by Ethnos360.

2. Adjustments—we are looking forward to the move to engage with old friends we have known through the years of training and ministry. We will miss our friends and church family here in Michigan. We are trusting God to make new friends as well.

3. Health—both of us are still in the process of making doctor appointments. It has been a real challenge because of the COVID-19 issues here in Michigan.


Thank you for all you are doing by investing in our lives and ministry. We hear constantly of how many unreached are finally hearing the gospel or the first time. This is amazing. We

thank you for being partners with us in this amazing work that is being accomplished. God is Good.

In His Matchless Grace,

Gordon and Pat Bennett