Since our last update we’ve been settling nicely into our new life out in town. We’ve had a very productive two months.

We’ve set up house and found a vehicle. Here are our boys helping to repaint the window panes. 
We’ve gotten involved in our church and have started building new friendships. David attended a men’s retreat at the beginning of March. They drove to a town a few hours away and this is when they stopped to pick up some breakfast.
We’ve relived the honeymoon experience of the Philippines with the new missionaries. We’re so thankful for the DeRoos family and their heart to serve the Philippines through aviation. 
We have gotten to experience some of our own “firsts” from living in town! We’ve spent many hours in government lines lately. Here is Hunter getting his first dose.
Life has been busy but good! Last February we were blessed with the opportunity to visit the village once again and spend a few days in there reconnecting with the Isnag church and friends. We were encouraged to see the church continuing to meet and grow. The men are starting to understand that the missionaries will not be living in the village forever and are showing more courage to stand and teach. It is a big step of faith and we are so happy to be able to witness it!
Prayer Requests:

1) The E2 language and culture program will have its official kick off on April 4th and the program consultant who was to be helping us as we began this new ministry got into an accident! Although he injured his leg, we are thankful things weren’t more serious. This means though that he is out of commission for a while and David and I will be flying solo in leading things out. We’re a bit nervous but have prepared to our best abilities. Pray for the De Roos family as they begin language and culture study and for us as we help them.

2) For Diego to get the medical help we need in order to get his vaccine. He was diagnosed with G6PD as an infant and because of that he has many more loops to jump through in order to get his shots. It has been many hours of waiting in lines and traveling to multiple hospitals to still be turned away for various reasons. Pray that we can have patience through this process!

3) Continued prayers for the Isnag church. Voting season is in session and there are many distractions in the village. We pray that the believers will still meet and will be a good testimony to those who will be coming through their area.

4) David would really like to have some key guys from the Isnag church come out to town so he can work on some bible helps with them. Pray that these plans would work out and this “mini-workshop” can go through.

Thank you again for taking time to read this! We appreciate all your prayers and support for the Isnag church and our family!

God bless,
The Maynard Family