Life keeps slipping by and before we knew it, five months have passed since we’ve been back in Senegal. Here are some of the things God has been doing. Our host family continues to mentor and encourage us. Recently Josh was dealing with a difficult cultural situation and our host dad Gaby was one of the first people he turned to for advice. His culturally appropriate and godly input was such a help.

While we may look a bit serious (often times people don’t smile for photos), this was actually a day of celebrating. One of Josh’s closest friends, Mohammad, named his little girl after me. What an honor!

Moving overseas, we thought we were saying goodbye to ever living close to family. To our surprise, we got to live next door to my (Carissa’s) parents for the last five months. We’ll be sad to see them go in April!

Vesper hasn’t always felt totally comfortable here. There were days when she wouldn’t even say hi to people at church because she felt so uneasy. Seeing her open up and love her friends here has been such a blessing to our hearts.

Wolof study. Yes, you read that correctly, we’re learning ANOTHER language. French may be the official language but Wolof is the language of the people. With both languages under our belt we’ll be able to be more a part of the community.

This one is just for fun. Senegal won the African Cup of Nations, so of course there were two strait days of celebrating outside our house. We’ve never before seen the likes of it. What a blast!

Prayer Request:

Our apartment is completely ready for us to move in. Praise God!!! There is only one hang up and that is that there is no electricity. Pray that the electric company would come and get us connected. This company is known for taking a long time and people have waited up to a year to be connected. Pray that everything can get set up unusually quickly.