Partnership History

Trinity’s partnership with Discovery Church started in March, 2009 after a friendship ordained by God between Carole Cullen at Discovery Church and Natalie Willmarth at Trinity Church began the year before.  God spoke to both Carole and Natalie that they were to be friends, and thus began interest and exploration about working together to advance the Kingdom on both sides of the ocean.  The ladies took the idea of a church friendship to the leadership of their respective churches and further investigation led to the establishment of the Partnership. Trinity and Discovery Church have been a blessing to each other with over 45 individuals from Trinity ministering alongside our Irish friends and almost as many Irish friends blessing us on this side of the ocean!  We are currently working together to implement an organizational structure at Discovery Church and to identify, train and release leaders from within the congregation there.  It has proven to be very fruitful thus far with the promise of many new leaders functioning within their God-given giftings and abilities.


Leadership Development


Recent Celebrations

Most recently, Discovery Church has received KAGs aimed at furthering the new church structure by providing training and equipping for the leadership team and emerging young adults.

Trinity’s Partnership Leaders were amongst the last Americans out of Ireland last year when Covid restrictions and lockdowns took place.  While that visit was not cut short due to theses changes, plans to return twice in 2020 were necessarily cancelled.  While Zoom updates and chats are nice, emotions are high on both sides of the ocean for a face-to-face visit.

Current Focus

Current prayer is that the COVID circumstances in Ireland change and that the lockdown is discontinued so that the congregation can once again meet together and fellowship.

Our current partnership focus is to assist the leadership team in structuring the church using a 5-fold approach.  Within the structure, a major emphasis is now on emerging leader identification, growth, development and release.

For more information, please email Ron & Natalie Willmarth at [email protected]