L’Arcada is an evangelistic ministry of Greater Europe Mission since 1991 in northern Spain.

Because of the speed with which so many of the goals set by the board have been accomplished during the last four months, we feel like we have been on a roller coaster ride.

For example, last Saturday was a training day for the 30-40 teenage volunteers who will serve in different camps this summer. In the past, the parents would drive their teenagers to the camp, spend the day driving around the area looking for something to do, and then pick them up at the end of the day. This year Anna Romeu invited them to stay at the camp for the day. Anna is a board member and serves as the president of the executive committee made up of the camp’s staff and other board members who are making daily decisions for the camp.

Anna prepared a pro-gram for these parents in which the vision and purpose of the camp’s activities were explained, how their children would be helping the camps this summer, and the projects that are being completed this year. The parents were absolutely thrilled by the visible progress being made. The pool is obviously the most evident illustration of this progress. After the parents cleaned the large meeting tent, it was time to hit the pool.

While talking to the parents around the pool, Anna mentioned they needed more volunteers for the summer. When asked what kind of volunteers were needed, Anna mentioned the need for nurses for all the different camps. One parent who is a medical doctor said: “I have a group of 25 nurses on my phone. I am going to text them right now about this need.” Another parent jumped in and asked: “Don’t you need physiotherapists for your sports camps? I work at a university and can ask the leaders of the physiotherapy program about the possibility of sending students to do their practical assignments at the camp”. These students would be of great help in our American football, volleyball, and mountain biking camps.

Amazing! And all because so many of you have been praying so faithfully for this evangelistic ministry. Please continue to pray for the salvation of campers and parents as camps begin next week.

Jim Fasold

Board member