TM Rural Community Development
Kingdom Advancement Report Year 2021

Grounds progress report:

  • Ruth and Julius personally purchased a ¾ acre piece of land near the borehole for the church plant.
  • A 2-room building has been built to house the Pastor and the other room was for an office and storage.
  • A 4-bathroom outhouse is completed and being used.
  • A tent and chairs have been purchased and are being used for all church meetings. Pastoral search progress:
  • There have been 7 Pastoral candidates interviewed but it was determined that none of them
    were qualified to establish and Shepard a church. Another Pastoral candidate will be interviewed the of April 18th. Ruth is looking for a Pastor that is not only sound in doctrine but also is willing to take a leading role in growing the church.
  • Six volunteer Pastors from the TM Pastor Equip Program are taking turns, 2 each week, running the weekly programs but need to be in their own churches on Sundays.
    Church Meetings:
  • On Saturdays, 27 children meet to hear about Jesus. Ruth says that the children are very excited and even come early and wait for the teacher to arrive. Children’s curriculum is about the ‘Attributes of God’ and color pictures of the teachings.
  • A prayer meeting and worship with elderly/adults is held on Wednesdays.
  • The visiting pastors have had meetings with a men’s group.
  • It is also planned to have weekly meetings held with the teens. Part of these meetings will be to watch movies, such as the ‘Jesus’ movie, ‘Passion of the Christ’ and other movies depicting good moral behavior.
We are so excited about the progress on establishing the new church. In the beginning there was very little trust and support from the community in general. But now there is excitement in the community and meetings are well attended. We thank God for his provision thus far and look forward to many more blessings in the future.

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