Empowerment of School Youth Dropouts with Technical Job Skills

& Training in the Gospel in Matungulu and Mwala Sub-Counties

The Empowerment of School Youth Dropouts program is officially registered as “Kambusu Vocational Training Institute”.

The Vocational Training School got off to a slow start because of Covid. The first half of 2021 there was no contact allowed with the schools in the community. Another road block has been the inability to receive licensed accreditation from the local government. All of the criteria has been met. But the Public Health officer still has not issued the license.

For quite some time this program had been stalled but Ruth has found a way to move ahead while waiting for the license. She is doing this through the use of seminars. There have been 3 seminars on how to make bricks with the newly purchased brick maker. The 30 young men were also taught how to construct buildings with the interlocking bricks. Ruth is also holding computer business seminars. Once the license has been issued the graduates will write an exam for certification. The next seminar to be held will be on dressmaking and tailoring. An instructor has been recruited and is ready to start.

The seminars have been held in a building on the clinic property. Plans are under way to construct 2 more classrooms. Trees have been removed in preparation of the site for the new construction.

we have had trouble obtaining an operating license, because the public health officer inspected the place and promised to give us a report which he has not up to day almost 6 months since he did the inspection. He keeps on promising but does not deliver. As a result, we are not able to complete application for the license. The balance remaining was to be used to pay instructor for the first few months and buy some needed equipment. However, we can not purchase training equipment because we don’t one which course will have more students.

All said the youth are eager to learn and any time there is somebody at the facility they always come to inquire when the trainings will start.