A Note from the Pohlod’s,

We hope this update finds you healthy and safe.  A quick check of COVID numbers shows that Kenya is experiencing another “wave” just like us.  As life goes on everywhere, keep the Kenyans in your prayers as they, like us, continue to deal with the pandemic.  Thankfully Tom and Karen have a ray of sunshine to share below.  I don’t give out kudos easily, but over the years my confidence has grown in the work that Compassion Intl. does.  It is intentional and is always working to raise the economic conditions of the countries it works in.  Below you see that Compassion used its resources to help choose the best way to invest funds to have the most impact in the lives this ministry helps to sponsor.  While no effort is perfect, I hope you will join us in a prayer of gratitude for the people at Compassion who do this amazing work.  Please keep writing to your kids and feel free to share with us how God is working in yours and your sponsored children’s lives.  We are so grateful for you!  We would like to give an update on the next trip to Kenya, but Compassion is simply not moving forward with trip planning at this time due to the pandemic.

Chris and Angela

Now, on to Tom’s update:

The last project to receive funds for a micro enterprise was KE0241 the AIC Kalawa Child Development Center which is located in Kalawa. The leaders of this project and the African Inland Church leaders consulted with Compassion International to find a need in the community. The micro enterprise viability study by Compassion determined there was a need in the community for catering. There are many events held in the area which are a combination of government, private and NGOs where catering could be employed. The micro enterprise was delayed because of a backlog of projects initiated in Kenya and has further been slowed because of Covid. I have included the interim report sent to us from Compassion.

KE0241 the AIC Kalawa Child Development Center

Lastly, a catering venture will be established at KE0241 where 20 caregivers will form a group to manage the venture. The church saw a gap in terms of quality catering services in the area which opens a great opportunity for a successful venture. Corporate catering will be offered to NGOs and government groups hosting meetings and event in the area. Another market will be weddings and other parties/celebrations which often use catering services. The target groups (caregivers, project staff, beneficiaries) will receive training on starting, managing and marketing the ventures. The catering service group will be registered, followed by purchasing the required equipment for installation, starting up and marketing of the ventures.

A professional chef will assist in the training of caregivers. He will advise them on government regulations for disinfecting and other procedural requirements along with training on professional presentation of meals. This micro enterprise is scheduled to be up and running by December 2020.

Empowering and Equipping Caregivers Changes Lives

Trinity Church, thank you for your heart for children and families in Kenya. Your support doesn’t only provide chickens, computers and catering supplies – it changes the trajectory of people’s lives, families and communities. You are enabling mothers and fathers to better care for their children, and youth to grow up to be responsible, self-sustaining adults. Your support allows churches to be a beacon of hope, and a tangible example of the way the Lord provides for the body of Christ. Thank you for partnering with Compassion International in releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name!

As always, I appreciate your replies to these updates so we can track how many people are actually reading them. Feel free to contact us with any questions about Compassion International or the Kenya-Compassion Ministry.

Thanks again,


Kenya-Compassion Ministry

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