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A Note from the Pohlod’s,

Below in this month’s newsletter is a very exciting link.  Compassion Intl has provided us with a link to make it easier for Trinity and Trinity affiliated people and families to sponsor children in the projects we partner with.  This means it is easier for us to plan trips to go and meet and visit with our sponsored children and their families.  This one link is just another way the world can be smaller.  We are also very excited to see how our partner churches are using grant funds to help fight the poverty that is all around them.  It is an amazing transformation for Kathyaka to have such an incredible computer center.  Things we take for granted in this country (internet access) literally are life and death in a developing nation like Kenya.  As we celebrate these victories and turn our attention toward Christmas, please remember the biggest gifts you give your sponsored children: Love and hope.  Write them and tell them you believe in them, and they are loved and known by you and God.  These children cherish their sponsors, don’t forget to use that influence to empower them with the Fathers’ love.  Blessings all, Chris and Angela   

This month we are sending two announcements along with an update and pictures on the progress of our partner project KE0239 Kathyaka Baptist Church Computer Center’s use of the Kingdom Advancement Grant gift.

Eight school age children and 2 mother-baby pairs are available for sponsorship from our partner projects. Compassion International has provided Trinity Church with a link to directly access and sponsor available children. Please open your hearts and make room for just one of the least of these. You can show the love of Jesus and provide hope to the hopeless halfway around the world right from your kitchen table.

Christmas may seem like a long ways away but it takes a considerable amount of time for your child to receive any monetary gifts you send. Now is the time to send a Christmas gift. Remember if you mark your gift as a Christmas gift the money will go into a general project Christmas fund not directly to your child. The general Christmas fund is used to ensure every child receives a gift. There are two ways of sending funds to your child, electronically or with a check. If you want a gift to go directly to your child or their family when writing a check, designate it as a child or family gift. When sending electronically you will want to check the box marked child or family gift. Christmas is just around the corner.

Kathyaka Baptist Child Development Center (KE0329)

Since beginning implementation, staff at Kathyaka Baptist Child Development Center have already renovated the computer center at the church. First, they tiled the floors and sealed the ceiling with paint. They created 15 work stations, each equipped with a computer, desk and chair. Now that the space is ready for participants, church staff are working to solidify details of class timelines and registering participants. They have begun some IT skill work with youths at the church.

A computer-training center will be established at KE0239 to serve the registered children, youth and community members. Easy access to computers and training will give beneficiaries and caregivers insight to modern technology. This program is needed to alleviate the computer illiteracy rate in the community and reduce the level of poverty by providing technology skills to vulnerable youth and adults. The target population for this program includes beneficiaries, students in nearby schools, caregivers and disabled persons.  

Quality education and technological skills are considered the key to economic growth and ultimate development.  Kenya’s goals of economic recovery are jeopardized by computer illiteracy and a lack of technological expertise, especially in rural areas. Young people in rural areas suffer most as they miss out on jobs and opportunities that require some technology understanding from the start. Currently, almost all job applications are done online. In Makueni County, a few computer training facilities have opened in towns, but they charge extremely high fees. This makes it hard for the poor and vulnerable to access computer training.

As always, I appreciate your replies to these updates so we can track how many people are actually reading them. Feel free to contact us with any questions about Compassion International or the Kenya-Compassion Ministry.

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