In the July update I talked about the Kingdom Advancement Grants for our three partners in Makueni. After a delay of several months the work has begun in all three projects. This report is an excerpt from the Compassion International country office in Kenya which they sent to Trinity Church.

We are thrilled to present this update to you on the income-generating intervention you support in Kenya. Your generosity is benefiting three communities and over 800 adults and children. Because primary occupations in Kenya revolve around agriculture, and less than 20% of the landscape is farmable, this intervention is crucial in providing skills and resources to children and caregivers that creates a sustainable source of income (Source: World Factbook). Implementation Progress GNCA Makindu Child Development Center (KE0236) In order to implement the poultry farm workshop, the church established a management committee. This committee has made plans to purchase 600 chickens. This intervention is an expansion of an existing poultry-rearing operation. The committee decided to maximize the effectiveness of this program by creating 30 spots for children and caregivers to participate. This project will generate income for participating households, provide food security and improve nutrition for the families involved.

A poultry-farming project will be expanded at KE0236 by purchasing 100 improved indigenous chicks at the start. The project has been practicing poultry farming at a small scale. Currently, the project has put up a poultry house with a capacity of 200 chickens. Expanding the poultry-keeping venture will reduce poultry-rearing costs and increase the sale of chickens to a nearby market with a ready demand. The intervention is intended to generate income to meet the needs of beneficiaries at the center, act as a demonstration farm for project caregivers to learn from, and be a source of protein (meat and eggs) for beneficiaries, thus improving their nutritional status. The Kenya Compassion ministry always tries to focus on self-sustaining transformation. This intervention will change lives well into the future. Thanks for supporting this ministry.

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