Kingdom Advancement Grants

Trinity provides multiple grants ranging from $2,500 to $50,000, depending upon fund availability. These funds are primarily the result of the faithful weekend giving of Trinity attendees, and are available via this Request for Proposal to Trinity’s global partners. These funds are also available to Trinity members actively involved in non-Trinity global witness. Priority will be given to strategic breakthrough proposals focusing on expanding the ministry footprint in partnership with Trinity attendees. Proposals that envision the Gospel being shared and demonstrated with unreached, unengaged, and marginalized groups are valued. Intentional leadership development strategies for the next generation, women, and leadership teams will be positively considered. 

2021 KAG Awards

We continue to be in an uncommon season, for a second year with the global pandemic still a matter of concern for many of us. While we have strived to maintain the normalcy of the KAG process, we recognize that much has changed with the ways our global partners, and we here at Trinity, engage in ministry.

As we did last year, we are encouraging flexibility on the timeline of KAGs awarded in the last two years. Our strong encouragement to the leadership teams at Trinity and their equivalent colleagues across Trinity is to stay in close contact as we support one other and together discern the move of God for those specific areas of ministry partnership.

Today Trinity Church announces 7 grants for a total of $92,403.

Grateful for the faithful ministry of our global partners and church partnerships, we recognize these grants are just one aspect of our Kingdom friendships. We do not take for granted the generosity of the Trinity faith community here in Lansing that makes these grants possible, even in this season.

May we continue to proclaim and demonstrate the life-giving power of the Gospel, in us and through our joint ministry, seeing an increasing number of transformational communities, especially among the lesser reached, the marginalized, and the oppressed.

$6,272 — Expanding Online Ministry Capacity  Ireland

Submitted by Trinity’s Church-to-Church partner, Discovery Church, this award helps improve the reliability and quality of their online ministry by upgrading their technical equipment and software to stay in step with current challenges and opportunities. From no online presence a few years ago, to a dedicated team using repurposed equipment, they today have 700 views every weekend. Other social media strategies, as well as mid-week programming result in even further impact with more than 10,000 views.

$6,131 — Expanding Pastoral Care Capacity  Ireland

Submitted by Trinity’s Church-to-Church partner, Discovery Church, this award expands the capacity of their Pastoral Care Team to deal with the skyrocketing emotional and wellness issues being faced by their community. Suicide and depression rates have skyrocketed as a result of Covid-induced lockdowns, unemployment, and loss of jobs and loved ones. This one-year grant allows the Pastoral Team to add professional expertise and share the spike in demand for professional care, counsel, and hope.

$25,000 — Expanding Online Ministry Capacity  Romania

Submitted by Trinity’s Church-to-Church partner, Gyergyoszentmiklos Baptist Church, this grant provides 65% of the cost for a semi-professional studio at their new downtown 400-seat church building. The vision to enhance the experience of their 25,000 virtual weekend attendees, and expand their over 100,000 weekly views with better quality programming including podcasts, internet radio, video messages, worship & praise, etc. throughout the week will be closer to reality because of this grant. We are confident that the remaining funds can be generated locally.

$10,000— Romani Afterschool Project  Romania

Submitted by Trinity’s Church-to-Church partner, Gyergyoszentmiklos Baptist Church, this step-down grant continues Trinity’s partnership to address the 90% plus illiteracy rate among the Roma children. The grant underwrites 50% of the expenses for two of the four classes in the four-classroom school building Trinity helped build in 2015. We look forward to a master school budget and staffing plan for the next three years, as the school continues to grow.

$10,000 — Church Launch  Kenya

Submitted by Trinity Global Partner, Ruth Okello (TM Rural Community Development), this grant provides a significant portion of the funds requested to launch a church plant in Ngunyumu. Focused evangelism work in the area has resulted in “57 adult converts and around 400 students from six schools committing their lives to Jesus”. This stems from a thoughtful, multi-year plan to serve the people in this area, through holistic Gospel impact and transformation.

$10,000 — Empowerment of School Dropouts  Kenya

Submitted by Trinity Global Partner, Ruth Okello (TM Rural Community Development), this grant provides 50% of the funds requested to launch a technical training program for “the youth who dropped out of school… in Matungulu and Mwala”. With established presence in the areas of education, social upliftment, and pastoral training, this program helps provide a second chance to those who drop out of primary and middle school.

$25,000 — Café & Community Center  Tatarszentgyorgy, Hungary

Submitted by Trinity’s Global Partner in Budapest, Ildikó & Géza Kovacs, this grant provides a significant portion of the remaining funds needed to expand and upgrade the current “mission house” to create a space where villagers, including families and children can gather. We anticipate the strong participation of Rose Garden Church (Budapest), and the US based Serving-A-Nation non-profit, and celebrate the participation of the Hungarian Baptist Aid, that has already helped raise 50% of the project total of $68K.

For more information, or to be part of this adventure, write [email protected].

Soli Deo Gloria