Hello, Friends!

Step by step, the Lord is taking care of our concerns and bringing us clarity about our future.  Last night when sleep eluded me, I heard a Portuguese song from my childhood in Brazil running through my head: “Passo a passo.”  Some of you may remember the English equivalent chorus we used to sing years ago: “Step by step, step by step, I would walk with Jesus.  All the day, all the way, keeping step with Jesus.”  The words in Portuguese are a little different, and I especially like the last line.  So, I’ll do a literal-ish translation back to English so you can see why I like the words so much.

“Passo a passo, passo a passo
Quero ir com Cristo
Todos os dias com alegria
Bem juntinho a Cristo”

“Step by step, step by step
I want to walk with Jesus
All the days with contentment
Really, really close to Jesus”

“Really, really close to Jesus.”  I like both the picture that creates in my mind and the assurance the reality of it brings.

Heart step:  David’s cardiologist continues to work with David’s medication dosages in an effort to bring about the best heart function possible for him.  His pacemaker is working just perfectly to allow this process to continue without difficulty. 

Wrist surgery step: Yesterday David was “discharged” by his wrist surgeon who is happy with the progress David has made.  The surgeon reminded him that healing and restoration of usefulness of the wrist can continue for up to a year after surgery. 

Occupational therapy step:  David has one more week of occupational therapy, after which time the therapist says normal use of the wrist and at-home exercises should be sufficient to continue the process.

COVID vaccine step:  Much sooner than initially advertised by the Michigan health department, we have received our first dose of the vaccine.  Second dose, mid-April.

Peru COVID situation step:  Unfortunately, the pandemic situation in Peru continues to be extremely serious in many areas, two of which are Pucallpa and Mazamari.  This means many restrictions are still in place, including travel restrictions in certain areas of the country.

Future ministry step:  We will meet with our mission leaders in April to work out details of our ministry going forward.  We will let you know what this will look like when we have more information.

So, as we continue to take steps forward, please pray that we will take those steps “bem juntinho a Cristo”, really, really close to Jesus.

Thank you for continuing to walk with us as we walk with Jesus.

Rachael & David