December 15, 2020

COVID has turned everyone’s life upside down. And yet, God has taken advantage of this time to allow us to make some significant progress in our ministry and lives.
As you will remember, last March we were giving conferences on hermeneutics (Bible interpretation) to hundreds of pastors in Mexico and El Salvador. We were to return to Spain March 16. But that flight was cancelled March 14 because of the pandemic. And so, for the next three months, we bounced around between AirB&Bs and the homes of dear friends. And yet, three significant things have happened since then.

A home in the U.S.
Our original plan was to find a home in January or February in preparation for the day we retire. But when it became evident in June that COVID was not going to disappear soon, we bought a house in Rodeo, CA, just 10 minutes from our son’s home. David organized crews of members from his church to gut the house and put that house back together again, all free of charge. On October 25 we moved in and began the task of settling in.

Jim’s book on the secular market
Three years ago, Tyndale and the owner of a Christian bookstore in Mexico set up a meeting in which Jim presented his hermeneutics book to 100 pastors. That was the first of many such meetings in various countries of Central and South America. Three weeks ago, that owner said: “I just put Jim’s book on the secular market, and it is selling like hot cakes. I don’t understand it! There must be a lot of Catholics who are buying it. By the way, thank you for selling your book at a reduced rate to ten pastors in Chiapas (a poor area in southern Mexico). Our contact there is using your book to teach them how to interpret the Scriptures.”

A Director for L’Arcada Camp
Jim has served for many years as a board member of L’Arcada, a camp founded 30 years ago in northern Spain by a GEM missionary. We have asked you to pray that the Lord would provide a new director for L’Arcada. Since our last letter thee board invited an excellent candidate to become the next director. This person will make a decision by December 31. Please pray for God’s guidance in this person’s decision.
Thank you for standing with us with your prayers and gifts. We trust that the Lord will give you one of the best Christmas seasons you have ever had.

Jim & Carolyn Fasold
E-mail: [email protected] Serving with Greater Europe Mission in Spain since 1967.