I don’t think there are any of us who haven’t felt the changes that 2020 has brought!  Masks, social distancing, virtual classes, virtual meetings, working from home, financial difficulties.. each one of us has experienced a difference in life over these past several months.

Working from home took some getting used to, but has actually been a hidden blessing.  I was able to go up to Michigan for several weeks in August and September to help with the care of my sister.  I continued to work remotely and that, plus my sister’s medical appointments, helping her with some daily needs, and my desire to keep her safe from COVID-19 meant that I limited my visits to family members only.   

Changes Ahead
During the time in Michigan it became obvious to me that it’s time to move back to help with my sister’s care.  She is now needing more help than her kids can give.  The plan is for me to move into her house in late spring/early summer 2021.  I’ve received permission to work remotely so I’ll continue in my same role in Personnel.  Although sad to sell my townhome and leave here, I really want to do this. More of our office staff are working remotely now so the timing is good.  It also means that once COVID-19 settles down, I’ll be able to more easily visit many of you!

Despite the restrictions with COVID-19 I was able to make two short trips to the mountains this year.  The town of Blowing Rock, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway, is only two hours away and has done a great job at social distancing.  In July I went with my friend Chris, in the U.S. from Guinea, and in October with my friend Beth while she was here packing up her things to move to Maine.  The beauty of the mountains is a balm for the soul!

Please Pray… 
1)  Praise God that in the midst of the changes we’ve all experienced in 2020, He has never changed and he remains faithful!
2)  For all of us in the US office, that we would know how to care well for our workers in transition and those still on the field.  This has been a stressful year for everyone and for some of our workers overseas there are additional stresses
3)   For wisdom in making the move to MI in 2021
4)  For my sister, Nancy, and my brother and sister-in-law, Bob and Marlene, who are all in a higher risk group.  

I know that there are financial difficulties, health issues, and major adjustments to the way things are in  the world at this time.  Please drop me an email and let me know how I can be praying for YOU!

Part of the team
I’m so thankful for those of you who are part of my team through financial gifts and prayers!  You are a blessing to me!

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