Thanks to several friends who gave up part of their day off on Good Friday to help pack all my things in a truck, both the truck and I made it to Michigan!  More friends helped unpack the truck into my sister’s basement where I’m in the process of making a 2-bedroom townhouse fit into two rooms!  Progress is slow so there are still boxes everywhere, but at least I can find basic clothes, my toothbrush and my computer for work. 

My sister’s surgery (total knee replacement) is on Thursday April 22.  We have no idea how long they’ll keep her in the hospital and what happens when she comes home.  Her generalized severe arthritis and a benign brain tumor that affects her balance make things more challenging.  

Added to this is a mold problem in the basement which needs to be handled.  Apparently a pipe outside the house was broken and caused a crack in the wall, which caused the mold.  The pipe is to be repaired this week and then environmental tests have to be run in the house to see if it’s safe for us to stay here while the mold is being treated.  

So life continues to be a series of unknowns!  As someone who likes to have a plan, these months have been difficult for me.  However, the Lord is using this to teach me more about dependence on and trust in Him!

Please Pray…

1) For me to catch up on my work as well as finish getting settled and helping with my sister’s post-op care

2) For the mold problem to be fixed without us having to move out!

3) For my brother who also has some health issues and for my sister-in-law who diligently cares for him.  I hope to get to FL to visit them before the end of the year.

4) For me to keep my eyes on God!

Part of the team
I’m so thankful for those of you who are part of my team through financial gifts and prayers!  You are a blessing to me!