This is just a quick update to let you know more about my move to Michigan.

First of all, God was SO gracious and I’ve sold my townhome to another SIM’er!  Wendy has just come back after several years overseas and will now be working in the U.S. office, as I’ve been doing.  She starts in April at the exact time I’m leaving so everything has worked out incredibly well.  

Timeline (fairly set in stone!):
April 1 – close on the sale of my townhome; U-Pack container (like a POD) is delivered
April 2 – friends will help me pack the container.  I’ll stay with my next-door neighbor until I leave
April 3 – friends will help me clean the house
April 4 – Easter
April 5 – the container will be picked up and begin it’s trip to MI
April 6 – I have one last medical routine test
April 7 – I’ll leave for MI – taking two days for the trip
April 10 – family and friends will help unpack the container in Grand Rapids

The month of March is dedicated to sorting and packing as well as continuing my work.  I’ll appreciate your prayers!

Please Pray…

1)  Praise God for the sale of my home to Wendy, a friend and colleague. 2) Praise God that I’m scheduled for my Covid vaccinations this month and will have both doses before leaving.

3) Pray for me to continue doing my ministry in Personnel well in these next few busy weeks, as well as when I get settled in MI.  I desire to continue caring well for our workers world-wide!