In our report submitted in 2018, we reported a partial result. With our work, the goal was achieved and the necessary investments were made.

In the spring of 2019, the students and teachers of the school were also involved in the program and the sowing of seeds took place. The lower grade children grew seedlings in the classrooms and the upper grade students did the garden preparation and sowing. Teachers helped with the work under supervision. Hours spent in the courtyard of the mission house provided an opportunity to talk and get to know our community better, and to break down previously perceived abiding behaviors. The Study Garden program makes a good impression on most teachers, but there were those who were reluctant to give their classes for this purpose. Some of the grown vegetables were delivered in the kitchen of the settlement, which the children received fresh or used for cooking. The crop, harvested in late summer and fall, was used in the congregation for girly occasions, our daycare camp, village day, and other occasions.


Erika continued her service to the girls, which she had started 2 years earlier. In two groups, a younger (6-12 years) and a older (12-18 years) age group, the girls hold baking and cooking events once a month. As long as the delicacies are made, they talk and pray for each other. From the fall of 2019, the moms also got involved and as invited guests they bring a recipe for the occasions. The girls are very enthusiastic and are always very much looking forward to the next meeting. Similar gatherings continued in 2020.


We organized several evangelistic events during the year. The support of the KAG was of great help in covering their financial costs. These successes are not yet measurable in numbers, but there are already those who, as a result of these occasions, have begun to approach God and the church. We wait for the sown seeds to ripen in the hearts. We plan to have even more evangelistic opportunities in 2020.

We are going to list evangelistic events in the form of pictures, as they follow. We have transported adults, young people  and children to different Christian meetings in order to show them the great love of Christ through Christians. Then we organized meetings for them at the village inviting guests and speakers from different Churches especially from Rosegarden. The English Camp was lead by Cullen and Sarah Menke from Lansing Michigan.

This picture was made at a Gypsy conference at Alsózsolca, February 9 of 2019

Valentine’s Day Married Dinner, Tatárszentgyörgy, February 14 of 2019
Summer Bible Camp – Tatárszentgyörgy, június 24-28 of 2019
English Camp, Tatárszentgyörgy, August of 2019
Baby dedication at Tatárszentgyörgy, október 20 of 2019
Our youth visited a Nick Vujicic presentaiton  at Budapest, november 11, 2019
A woman from Rosegarden gives her testimony at the Creative meeting on november 22
Closing ceremony of the Girls Club at Tatárszentgyörgy, at December of 2019
Christmas meeting at the Kindergarten at Tatárszentgyörgy, December 2019
Christmas meeting in the School Tatárszentgyörgy, December  2019


The KAG support has been a significant help to renew our program for the teenagers. The weekly meetings were visited by 15-20 young people. The summer camp had 38 children and youth plus a lot of helpers from the village as well as from other Churches. The girls have been educated  regularly on the Girls Club meetings. The adults and the youth were taken to evangelistic events and several of them participated in the local Church program. We would expected more obvious spiritual growth from the villagers especially among the youth. We need to pray hard and continue serving them until a revival comes.