We’ve rocketed through the first three months here in Michigan. We will still be here until at least February, but travel to the Philippines is difficult for Americans at this time.
     As I sat down to write this update, I realized it would be easier for you to understand what we’ve been up to by showing snapshots. 

 We recently shared about what God is doing among the Isnag with our home church. You can jump to the beginning of our presentation at 25:00. 

  Jonathan, our partner, witnessing the piloting of the new road into the village. It will be many years before the road is reliable, but people do welcome the ease-of-access before the rainy season. 

Sam, my best friend growing up. He and his family serve in East Asia and this is the first time in ten years that our furloughs have lined up. 

  In one day Sam, I, and another guy demolitioned what would have taken a person 2-3 months to build. He and his wife purchased this house with the intent of renting it out while overseas. 

  My neighbor James. We worked together to fix up an old swing set for his 5 year old son. The kids got to play on the equipment and the dads got to play with tools. That was a good day for everyone.

  The finished breakfast nook that our friend Nikko hired me to help him build. It felt so good to cut that trim and have it drop in place perfectly. 

  We are taking times to seek rest. This day we took our boys on a walk to a secluded park, while Vanessa and I had our coffee date.  In a week from now, our church, City Grace, is sending us on a two-night getaway. 

  On vacation up north with the Maynard clan. We truly, truly enjoyed this time to reconnect with our family.

Our friend/supporter Nelson invited Jericho and us boys over yesterday so he could help Jericho with is coin collection. We appreciate the time and love people have invested in our children along this journey. 

 Since schools are still only online in our area, we defaulted to homeschooling this year. As an attempt to help them engage further in the culture, we enrolled them in Cub Scouts. This Saturday we are tent-camping with their troop.  

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for encouragement and rest for our partners overseas. They’ve been in the village without a break since December.

2. We praise God for an increase in support from two of our financial partners. It further emboldens us to continue press on, knowing our Father and Church family has our back. 

     We thank you so much for standing with us during this year. We wish you joy during this season.
          -David, Vanessa, Jericho, Diego, and Hunter