The borehole continues to have a positive impact on the community. I would like to share a story with you about a young man who has been an alcoholic for years. He has been unable to find work and had essentially given up on life. However, once the well was installed, he began using the water to irrigate a vegetable garden. He has become a very productive member of the community and has begun attending our church services. This is the kind of transformation that TM Ministries is looking for when we invest in a community. A community is changed one person at a time.
The church plant continues to move forward. There are 4 toilets completed and operational. (Pictured here with green roof) There is also a two-room building on the site. One room is to house the permanent Pastor and the other room is for an office and storage. (Pictured to the left of the toilets) Meetings are held in a large tent on the church site. The next improvement would be to install a concrete floor for the tent. We have donor a willing to pay for the floor and Ruth is working to find a suitable contractor.
A few years ago, TM Ministry began becoming involved with the local schools in the Kambusu area. The teachers expressed an urgent concern with large number of students dropping out. Rates as high as 30% had been reported. The large number of drop-outs had begun causing a problem in the community. Generally, these young people do not work and become involved with criminal activities. The school leadership asked Ruth if she could help. Ruth began establishing a vocational training program. Some of the available programs will include computer training, sewing, baking, housekeeping, brickmaking and construction.

One vocational program that has started up is brick-making and construction. TM purchased a brick making machine which produces interlocking bricks that don’t require mortar. The first seminar was a huge success, drawing 30 participants. The students were taught not only how to make the bricks but also how to construct buildings. All these young people need is the opportunity to learn a skill, which will enable them to be self-sufficient. Once this is achieved, the once unproductive drop-outs will become contributing members of the community.

One hold-up to the vocational training program has been the inability to secure an operational permit. Until we
are given this permit, we are not allowed to hold official accredited classes. So, for now we are holding seminars
that students can attend while we are waiting for this paperwork. Once we receive the permit, we will allow the
students to return to take a test and receive a certificate of completion. We have been waiting on this permit for
over a year so we would appreciate if everyone could add this to their prayer list. Another critical prayer item is
to find a permanent Pastor to lead the new church plant.

We thank God for his provision thus far and look forward to many more blessings in the future. None of this
would have been possible without the support of all of you. Thank you for your prayers and monetary support. If
God has laid on your heart to support TM Ministries financially with a tax-deductible donation, you can make
your check payable to: TM Rural Community Development. And mail to:

TM Rural Community Development
c/o Karen Jones, Treasurer
10562 K Drive South
Burlington, MI 49029