WE’RE BACK!!!We landed in the Michigan on July 8th and surprised our families. 
     It was quite the journey and process to get here. At this time there are still no flights or public buses going to the place we were staying. God provided a missionary’s vehicle for us to borrow. After applying for police travel passes and medical certificates, it was an 11 hour drive to Manila. We are thankful God allowed a radiator plug to burst in the vehicle BEFORE our big journey. It was an easy fix in town but could have left us stranded in the mountains on the way. 
     Celebrating 12 years of marriage with a family walk. Home Quarantine     We will be finished with quarantine on July 22. In the meantime we have been busy with trying to register our vehicle and get our phone situation settled. Vanessa’s sister and brother-in-law Sean have been a huge help to us with getting us settled. 
     We are toying with the idea of putting our kids in school this year, but the government is still unsure of their plan for this year’s schooling. Quarantine can’t stop my Vanessa’s love of baking. Furlough Length?     The earliest we can return to the Philippines would be February 2021. There is a situation where our field would be without a pilot from Dec to Feb and it would not be possible for us to serve effectively without the flight program. 
    As of today, it would be extremely difficult to return overseas. We are hoping that in the coming months, restrictions on travel will lighten.
     David is already contacting people to see if there is a part-time carpentry apprenticeship available. God has always taken care of us so well and we are trusting that He can provide a good opportunity for David. 
 Hunter woke up and said, “Daddy, you have to see this machine gun water sprayer Lola (Grandma) has!”Devis and Mely (May-lee) welcomed their third child Evangeline this May. We haven’t seen Devis or Mely much in the past months as they both have jobs in town. When they are home in the village, they still help out with Bible translation and Bible studies.  David was able to get government permission to fly to the village to get our things before leaving. It was not how we envisioned closing out this term, but at least he was able to say goodbye for our family. We will miss our brother and sisters. Prayer Requests:1. That somehow we would still be able to connect with our friends/supporters during our time home
2. For grace as we adjust again to American culture
3. For the Isnag believers as they continue to study through Romans and understand

Thanks for taking the time to read our update. We’d love to reconnect with you while we are Stateside! You can call or text us on our US numbers below.
-David and Vanessa