“For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.” Isaiah 43:19

Asia Opportunities
On February 1-2, we hosted an online training with 23 believers in a small country in South Asia. This is an unreached country with 99.6% considered unreached. There are 0.3% Christians with an unknown number of evangelicals. (Joshua Project)

“Christians in this country are only allowed to practice their faith at home. Those who openly choose to follow Christ can be expelled from the country and stripped of their citizenship.

Under their law, it is illegal to attempt to convert people from the country’s two predominant religions [Buddhism and Hinduism].”

Buddhism is engrained in daily life, and anyone who leaves Buddhism to follow Jesus is viewed with suspicion by neighbors, friends and even immediate family. Conversion brings shame upon the family, so often family members go to great lengths to bring the convert back to his or her original faith. Because life here is still very communal and the proximity and protection of the family are important, being disowned is a significant form of persecution against converts from Buddhism to Christianity.” (Open Doors)

We are beyond thrilled at the response of the participants, thankful for clear internet connections with most of the trainees, and also that two other Filipino leaders joined with us in facilitating the small breakout groups. 

Here are some of the responses:

“This is the most effective way to share the Gospel and even people in remote areas can understand the stories.” “This is a good way to master the Bible. We don’t even have to say this is a Bible story or that we are Christians. We can just share the story. It is so important to ask questions about the story to help them really think about the meaning of the story. . We will use this method more.”

More Responses
“This is very helpful. I need to learn how to do it so I need to share the story to ten people so I can learn it well.”

“We can let people know about Jesus through a simple story in a casual manner in a short period of time. If I carry a Bible with me anything can happen to me, I could be arrested [so with storying I don’t need to show my Bible in public] “I thought preaching is the only way to share about the Bible but now there is this simple idea and there are so many stories. Now it will be easier for us to tell others about Jesus.”

Alvarez Family
has been consoling and counseling his family at the death of his sister, Raquel – complications of diabetes. She was only 57. A couple weeks later his first cousin died. We believe these are timely reminders to the family to connect with the Lord. Please pray more family members will surrender their lives to the Lord. 

Check out this opportunity to be part of a story fellowship group focused on Easter! Sign up on this website: https://www.storyrunners.org/the-passion-story-experience/

In Gratitude!
Thank you to those who gave an extra gift at year-end. We received more than $2,000 and it is a big help in keeping us afloat. We are so grateful for continued provision and His abundant blessings despite the challenges we are all facing.

We wish we could visit with each of you in the U.S. For now, we are staying put, so let’s talk online. We’d love to pray for you, please send us your requests.

Until the whole world hears,

Al/Panz and Nancy Alvarez

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